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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "BackPlayers" project born with the idea to use the language of the game and the charm of the journey as suitable tools to spread awareness among the youth around good practice to intervene actively in society. Objective of the project is to increase the sensitivity on the issue of sustainability, and equip young participants with the tools to disseminate in their territory the project's results. For this, from a group of volunteers of our association game fans and activators of a toy library, we chose this method, considering it as a suitable language, close to the younger generation of the globalized world: we refer in this regard to both games table as online games. The metaphor of the journey was chosen instead because inherently suited to accompany the discovery of new cultures and territories, with an approach of curiosity and respect necessary to exploit the riches to be discovered across the world and at the same time to preserve them: we speak of social and sustainable tourism, namely that attention typical of conscious traveler to love the places and the people he meets and to recount memories. Right from here, the name BackPlayers as fusion between the figure of Backpackers, travelers often just alone with their backpacking to meet people and to face their own adventures, and Players, gamers who playfully confront and solve puzzles and questions, in each time finding the best solutions to win. Activities are planned in the run-up that will allow young participants to exchange ideas and to get in touch, to make sure that the main activity of the project'll be performed in the best way: the transnational exchange will be hosted in a hostel, which will provide the structure and, we hope, will be the place to immerse participants in the right mood. During the exchange activities will be mixed, meetings and workshops, as well as outdoor activities, role play and, as the main theme, the design of a game, in which young people will approciate collectively and collaboratively. The game is about managing an hostel developing a sustainable strategy to fit desires of the guests in the hostel's management needs. In these 10 days, then will develop tools such as a small manual of best practices and the prototype of the game, functional to the dissemination of the project and its objectives once finished the exchange. In fact, after the exchange, the follow-up stage involves local initiatives that will be the engine itself to a wider spread of sustainable practices and expertise to do so as protagonists in their local community, but will also somehow indicators operation of the project, as the success and the participation of these initiatives will serve as feedback from the results and involvement in the exchange.



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