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B.E.A.U.T.Y. lies within: Broaden-horizons,Eco-friendly,Active,United,Tolerant,Young
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Kuressaare is a small city on the island of Saaremaa Estonia. It is very green and beautiful and people here really appreciate nature. But kids are kids :) . They grow up not being aware of the offerings of their home city and surrounding areas and that is why Kuressaare Youth Hobby Center, has thought about this project: B.E.A.U.T.Y. lies within: Broaden-horizons, Eco-friendly, Active, United, Tolerant and Young. We would like to welcome a volunteer with a fresh look on things to come and inspire youngsters and organize activities with/for them like:• explore the local surroundings with the youngsters in various activities in order to make the most of what Saaremaa is offering: eg. organize hikes, bike trips, camps so that kids can learn to value the beauty of nature and also encourage an active life-style; or plan photo-shootings outdoors to make the most of the beautiful Estonian skies landscapes and develop new skills; explore the nature and try to find materials that can be used to create hand-made local items, which will empower youth and increase their sense of entrepreneurship etc.• be ready to put in practice ideas to promote eco-friendly attitudes: re-cycle, re-use and repurpose workshops for youth in the youth center; increase awareness in young people and local community about destructive/ unhealthy habits and encourage youth to be a loud voice in the community by organizing local events of „good/healthy practices”• document all the activities by taking photos and making short movies, and encourage youth to do so as well, so that at the end of the volunteering stage the volunteer can create together with the youngsters a video illustrating a healthy, sustainable life style and promoting the beauty that lies within our good habits and our islandOther activities:o communicate, engage in fun activities with youth in youth centers; o help in hobby lessons; o help in organizing children and youth events; o the volunteer is also welcome to create and fulfill his own ideas, projects and activities that are in accordance with our organisation’s principles.We are looking for someone who:- is comfortable and confident around youngsters - speaks basic English; takes initiative; - preferably has past experience in ecology projects, in reuse and recycling projects, or if not at least has a strong interest to these areas, as also towards active life style, music and/or pc/indoor games, because he will have to make the most of our requisite. - is collaborative and reliable; flexible; able to work both independently and in a team; The volunteer will work with and for young people aged between 7-26 years old, helped by 5 very supportive youth workers and our director, and together we hope we can sparkle or increase their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, enhance their self empowerment and encourage an active participation in their community. By doing all these activities together with a person from another country they will be improving their foreign language competences, broaden their cultural awareness, grow more tolerant and be more receptive to mobility exchanges supported by Erasmus + program.



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