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B.A.M. - Be Active, Move!
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Juventude Cruz Vermelha – Braga will receive four young volunteers, two girls and two boys, all of them either unemployed, with low job opportunities and / or presenting economic difficulties, and as such, we need to identify them as few opportunities. The project will occur between September 1st 2015 and November 1st 2016, in the city of Braga (Portugal), and is entitled: “Be Active – Move!”. For 12 months, the volunteers will take part in several activities which intend to generate social inclusion, gender equality, active participation, cultural awareness and, consequently, solidarity, in children and youngsters in Braga’s county. The activities developed by the volunteers, in the Geração Tecla and Giro + projects, aim to improve social inclusion, for the children and youngsters of the roma community, in the Social Neighbourhood of Santa Tecla and in the Village of Prado. They will also cooperate in the social store – Ponto Vermelho which aspires to help the poorest families in the city, fighting poverty.All activities are related to the youth field: health promotion and education – healthy eating, sports, prevention of alcohol consumption and drugs abuse; social and education inclusion and gender equality – action in schools, sports and creative activities, diverse workshops, during school periods and holidays.Through the extent of the project we will use Non-Formal Education methodologies, present in the Erasmus + programme, to complete the tasks defined, giving the volunteers tools and resources to successfully accomplish them, nevertheless, they will have great autonomy for the execution of the tasks, being able to use their competences, experience and creativity, not only in the assignments previously established, but also to suggest new activities, beneficial to the children and youngsters from Braga.The results and impact envisioned will affect the EVS volunteers, by the acquisition and improvement of their competences, through cultural awareness and personal learnings, in a personal and professional environment, having contact with professionals, volunteers and individuals from the community, in both circumstances, throughout the 12 months of project; the sending and receiving organisations, through the new partnerships built and the entire cooperation effort, they require, regarding the EVS volunteers and potential projects, that may arise from it; the children and youngsters that will have contact with the volunteers, in a cultural and linguistic perspective and in the acquisition of competences context; finally, every professional, volunteer and occasional beneficiary of activities involving the international volunteers, either by close or sporadic contact, by expanding the knowledge regarding the Erasmus + programme, through greater cultural awareness, the conception of more creative processes and new activities and by promoting active participation in youngsters, in their community and in Europe.The long term benefits are infinite, however, it is possible to describe the following: children and youngsters more aware and tolerant towards cultural diversity – promoting its practice; inclusive and solidary – committed to social and gender equality, with healthy lifestyles and a diverse and tailored set of competences; volunteers – national and international, professionals, contributors and organizations capable of facing new challenges, with several and diverse experiences, also inclusive and solidary, advocates for active citizenship, multiculturalism and good practices, in management and implementation of projects, on local and international levels.



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