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Ayrıştırmayalım Kazanalım
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project “Let’s Gather Together Our Children, not Separate” (Ayrıştırmayalım, Kazanalım) will begin on 01.06.2015 and finish on 31.05.2016. It will last 12 months at all. We plan to join the educational course “Every pupil is important - special education in Finland and Europe!” Our target in this project is: The lives of the persons needing special education depend on their ability to lead a normal life in society as independent and creative individuals in daily life. It is important for those people to gain full independence in order to have social roles. Their gaining social roles are only probable when their educational needs are determined by taking into account their needs, abilities and the educational environments appropriate for their needs are provided. Thus, their joining easily into society instead of being put away from the society depends on their drawing upon all the educational opportunities. The aim of this project is to achieve the highest level in the development of proper education environments of the individuals who need private education in elementary school level; to raise awareness in teachers, school management and also parents in order to educate students who have realized themselves and as a result the ones who have been integrated into society; and to develop the professional qualifications of school management and teachers in this field. We have arranged the number of the participants as four. The participants will be selected by the council established within our school according to objective criterions. In the selection, the features such as demographical circumstances, educational situations of the participants, professional competence and language proficiency will be taken into account. We have planned to perform our work in three phases as preparation, operation and evaluation. This project involves the managers, the teachers and the students in Çamlıca Primary School and in a roundabout way parents of the students in 2015- 2016 educational year. It has been decided by our project team that educational researches will be done for the students needing special education by analysing the problems and deficiencies of our school. At the end of this project, we aim that professional competence of our school management and teachers for the students needing special education will develop and thanks to the proper educational environments prepared by our teachers, these students needing special education will be able to lead their lives as independent and creative individuals in society. Moreover, they will develop their language competence and it will be easy for them to be the citizens of European Union.