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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

On the same day in the afternoon that The Turkish National Agency has announced the project proposal of Erasmus Plus, we had a meeting with 10 teachers and school administrators of Kumluca Anatolian School with our school's EU Foreign Affairs and Social-Cultural Activities Department. As a result of this meeting, our school European Development Plan has been prepared and this project proposal was prepared by our EU Foreign Affairs and Social-Cultural Activities Department. The emergence of our project is completely sourced from our current situation and needs of our school. In our project, we identified 4 needed courses with our school's EU Foreign Affairs and Social-Cultural Activities Department. These are the course topics emerged from the needs of our teachers at our school. In fact, our teacher staff who had received such training during their university education before they even need to get them in EU countries to make their jobs better and better. It's of course a great need for our teachers to train themselves better to reach our education quality to the EU standards with the great opportunity of Erasmus + / European Mobility activities. It's obvious to provide within the framework of the basic needs of Europe concerned in our School EU Improvement Plan. Thus, our teachers will gain a great experience in both the internationalization and social-cultural self experience. And if our project proposal is accepted our teacher participants will have a great project chance to develop the their teaching experiences with EU standards. We had a meeting with our teachers and administrators at our school and these serious problems appeared on the following subjects, 1- Effective Communication and Persuasion Methods (4 participants) 2- Time and Stress Management (4 participants) 3- The Lidership (4 participants) 4- Motivation Increasment Methods (4 participants) These 2-week courses have been determined to meet the 4 basic needs of our teachers and administrators. Totally 16 participants will be established when our school project is accepted by our school Project Monitoring Unit according to the criteria set by our school EU Foreign Affairs and Social-Cultural Activities Department. - To understand better the project's content, purpose, and necessity of the requirements - To be aware of the early school leavings - To be capable on group work and responsibility - To be open minded about intercultural sharing - Willingness to improve foreign language skills - To give importance to have guidance to eliminate The Early School Leaving - Willingness to give more guidance to the students about the issues of EU citizenship Our participants will consist of 4 teachers or administrators to have these courses in Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Czech Republic. Our Project Monitoring Unit will select the 16 participants according to the criteria mentioned above. Our participants will have a basic level of English, capable to go abroad and be aware of the importance of team work at school. These staff are the last class teachers, administrative staff, social and science teachers and guidance teachers. After the acceptance of our EU project we will establish a Project Monitoring Unit in our school EU Foreign Affairs and Social-Cultural Activities Department. 1 person responsible for official correspondence, 1 person responsible for all means of transportation, 1 person responsible to introduce our project, to make the news in local newspapers and web sites, the seminars, the posters, the announcements in and around our region 1 person to manage the Budget and to conduct financial transactions, 6 people in EU Project Monitoring Unit will be responsible to manage the whole project from the beginning to the end. The school headmaster will be the chairman of this unit. After completing their training courses abroad successfully our participants who gained professional skills with personal developments will be well equipped teachers. These skills will increase the students' achievement levels and both the teachers and the students will be inquisitive, researcher, more effective and rapid solution founders in multi cultural classrooms. Soon after the placements of our participants they will fill dissemination activity forms to evaluate the quality of the mobility, educational contents of the courses and the requirements on their professions and social developments. Our Project Monitoring Unit will use all these evaluations for the dissemination activities not only at school but with other institutions through the local press, web sites and seminars. Through this project, our participants who expected to have new training requirements and strategies in EU will be more efficient and experienced teachers with EU standard.