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Avrupa Uzaktan Mesleki Eğitim Sisteminin Benchmarking İle Eğitim Sistemimize Transferi
Date du début: 4 août 2014, Date de fin: 3 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

After the radical changes in our education system which is 4+4+4, making the education duration compulsory for 12 years caused open education to become widespread for the students who have been dismissed from school, which doesn’t give them a chance to benefit from formal education, and individuals who have suspended their education life for any reasons. However, search for alternative method and system due to numerous difficulties such as the fact that students are to attend classes compulsorily including weekends and off times from their work in open vocational high schools in open education system, limited number of students may enroll and people who live far from city centers have difficulty in transportation, has raised distance vocational education system as the most appropriate solution. Likewise, distance vocational education system has a tendency to become widespread dramatically because of its superior features such as diminishing education expenditures, providing education to more students simultaneously, providing access to people at different geographical locations, ensuring people with disadvantage and working to access to the education, accelerating and facilitating the access of data. On the other hand, providing the opportunity to access vocational education to 76 million citizen in our country including the people with disadvantage such as handicapped, women, the elderly, ex-convicts, children and the youth who have committed crime or are under the risk of committing crime, people who are unemployed for a long time, unemployed youth and temporary workers shows the importance of distance vocational education. Vocational and Technical Open Education School is a school which provides service in order to help individuals to have an occupation by the help of distance vocational education programs and to prepare them for life depending on General Directorate of Lifelong Learning. Our project has been prepared in order to enhance the quality of distance vocational education system in our country, to witness regulation, legislation and various applications related to distance vocational education system which are applied in EU countries on site so that more quality educational opportunities and places are created, to examine the institutions which have been established and maintained their service for this aim, to make large-scale research for providing distance vocational education especially so as to provide employment for adults and to collect data which shall help our Ministry to develop policies in this way. In our project, Temfed and Ummehan Elginkan Vocational and Technical High School who provide distance education for the same aim, and have the similar needs are considered to be the partners who send participants. In order to achieve the specific aims, Benchmarking and mutual share methods shall be used in the project. In this way, knowledge and experience shall be acquired about designing educational programs on distance vocational education system, specifying teaching materials to be used , policies/technics and approaches followed for issues such as testing and evaluation, documentation and certification, strategies applied, applications conducted and methods used. Our project shall be conducted in Sweeden, Germany and Romania with a group of participants who consist 24 people in total, which are director and teachers in our school (8 Participants), directors and trainers of Vocational and Technical educational institution of Elginkan Foundation (5 Participants), Federation of Temfed (5 Participants) and Vocational open High School ( 6 Participants). Overseas program which will last for 5 days shall consist of teams which will be formed with 8 persons as 2 flows in Sweeden and Romania between 01 /03 /2015 and 07 /03 /2015 dates, and 1 flows in Germany between 22 /03 /2015 and 28 /03 /2015 dates. At the end of the project, educational quality of project partner institutions shall enhance thanks to contemporary and innovative gains, performance in education shall increase, medium for research, planning and programs for quality education shall be formed, our participants shall have the opportunity to interact with different cultures thanks to their improved language skills and to gain the awareness of being a European. Development in distance vocational education for a long term shall cause the quality and efficiency of manpower to increase, thus, it shall contribute to promote the opportunities for employment in all sectors in our economy.



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