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Avrupa Ülkelerinde Makine Ekipmanlarının CNC Torna Tezgâhlarındaki İmalat Sürecinde Yenilikçi Yaklaşımlar
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

1- Content Due to the technological developments taking place within the scope of manufacturing sector in Turkey, computer-based manufacturing systems called CNC counters became essential tools for manufacturing. The most important reason for this trend to emerge is the fact that CNC counters allow the manufacturing to be fast, flawless and time-efficient. This fact further permits the production of more quality and less expensive goods that in return increases the competitive force behind the firms. Lately, the province of Konya gained considerable momentum in progression trend within the manufacturing sector, and with this constantly upgrading trend, Konya started to be integrated into the global market of the manufacturing sector thanks to its own local dynamics and Small and Medium Sized Companies (KOBİ) based flexible manufacturing base. This could be further supported with the evidence that almost all of the export from Konya is comprised of the products of the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing sector's leading goods consist of the production of metalworking machines, agriculture machines, automobile spare parts, on vehicle material, and furniture. With this development, the demand for qualified personnel in manufacturing sector has been greatly risen, day by day. In 2014, labor market of the province of Konya requested for the employment of 331 CNC operator personnel through Konya İşkur Provincial Directorate yet only 58 personnel applied and are hired (2015 Konya İşkur Provincial Directorate data). This points to the lack of qualified personnel in this sector. This project will facilitate the raising of quality personnel that the machine and automobile spare parts manufacturing sector demands, who are capable of carrying out professional and computer-based design and transferring this design prototype onto the state of the art CNC power lathe which can create delicate works. 2- Purpose The main purpose of the project is described as the improvement and raising of the competitive force of TR52 Düzey 2 Section manufacturing sector. Exclusive Purposes of the Project: To enable participants to carry out sophisticated design with a computer-based design program. To enable participants to manufacture using advanced CNC power lathe. To teach participants the technological innovations in CNC power lathe in Italy and to further integrate this base of knowledge into our manufacturing sector. To teach participants the European work ethics and experience. To advance foreign language communicative capabilities of participants. To raise participant's self-esteem. To strengthen the cooperation between Vocational Schools and Small and Medium Sized Companies (KOBİ). To compensate for the demand for qualified personnel in our manufacturing sector. To raise participant's productivity and creativity. 3- Participant Demographics Participants involve students who major in machine technology fields in the project-holder institution and participant-cultivating partner institutions. Total participant number is 28. 4- Description of Activities Creating the project team. Forming informative project meeting. Selecting participants and signing contracts with the participants. Training and preparing participants. Carrying out project coordination meetings. Realizing practical studies in Italy. Disseminating the project. Reporting and documenting. Sending final report to National Agency (Ulusal Ajans). 5- Methodology After receiving admittance of the project, contracts has been signed among participants and participating institutions. This has been enabled us to document corresponding responsibilities of the participants. To recruit participants, an open and generic announcement has been made to 3rd and 4th grade machine technology students and participants has been selected by administration watch committees. This allowed us to be transparent in our selection. Participants has been received cultural, pedagogical, vocational and Italian language training within the scope of the preparation practices before leaving Turkey. Dissemination studies has been helded. This has been allowed the access into the base of project experience. 6. Expected Results and Overall Impact Participants will receive proper vocational experience regarding CNC operations. Participants will increase foreign language communicative skills. Participant's self-esteem will be boosted. Participants will acquire European work ethics and discipline. Attempts were made to employment in the labor market Konya. 7. Advantages in Long Run The inclusion of qualified personnel into machine parts production sector of ours will in turn increase the competitive force of industry in our region.



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