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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Obesity which concerns the whole world is accepted as a public health issue that must be treated.The number of obesity and overweight has been on increase and number of patients doubled up since 1980.Over 1.4 billion of the adults who are aged 20 and over are overweight or obese.It has been determined that more than 40 million children who are aged 5 and under are overweight.Health expenditures that are in relation with obesity issue covers around %2 to %7 of the total health expenditures.Obesity has been recognized as an global epidemic.Global Nutrition Physical Activity Health Strategy has been developed by WHO. Additionally struggle with adolescent and specially with childhood obesity has been mentioned in Secondary European Nutrition Action Plan. The White Document which contains the strategy of diseases related to nutrition overweight and obesity has been prepared by the European Commission and a health platform for Nutrition Physical Activity established by E.U.Briefly obesity with which the whole world struggles is becoming an increasing health issue both in Niğde and Turkey. For that reason this project on obesity as an increasing health issue in E.C countries has been planned to see the works been done by E.C countries and to run these works also in Turkey. According to a primary report of Research of Health and Nutrition Turkey 2010 realized by the Ministry of Health obesity among the males is %20.5 females %41.0 totalling %30.3. In total the rate of very fat %2.9 fat %64.9 overweight %34.6 has been found. Our ministry is constantly increasing the works on the preventive and treatment of obesity that has become an important health issue. For this reason we are intending an oppurtunity to analyze the coordination system with the health staff and the working patterns of the dieticians during the treatment of obesity and also their works on prevention of obesity, education and using the media by visiting an E.C country during the project. In addition to that an oppurtunity will be provided to see and analyze on spot the profile of the target group during the education and methods and materials used against the other chronical diseases that are related to obesity by understanding the service of the preventive methods. This project based on a structure of 6 participants acting as 1 which is formed of dietician, medical doctors and the staff running the obesity unit. We intend a programme on the policies for the struggle with obesity organized by foreign partner or another establishment to be announced by the foreign partner. Foremodel practises are going to take place in our institution s programme with those practises already existing in our programme. Every new data obtained by the participants will be used during the programme of how to protect from obesity and the struggle with. This is going to be replanned everyyear and new methods of practise will take place so it can be practised throughout the year and will be model for the next year. It is aimed to cover the entire institution by educating the staff according to their deficincies and about the main criterias during the detection of the target public during when public education is being held in Europe.and this will help the staff of the institution to ınvestigate their skills and fix their deficiencies. It is also going to improve the educational narration skills and to use various materials by analyzing the education materials. New projects is going to be planned to see the effectiveness and to spread the work far as our institution. Our main object is to dicrease the chronical diseases related to the speed of the increase of obesity.