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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

When the accurate determination of student characteristics and student participation in the planning stage will be easier to achieve goals when available. Student-centered education principles, values and objectives, methods, techniques and strategies are the basis for the determination of. This technique is a form of implementing a teaching method or class of transactions defined as a set of. Some factors that affect the determination of methods and techniques are available. These targets to be achieved, the skill of the teacher's methods, content, structure, time, cost, ease of use, number of students, classrooms and size, may be listed as the level of readiness of students. Students are active in modern methods. Students are involved in the learning process. The reason for this is they offer a teacher's students as many students do, how to do and which way is the adoption of the opinion that follow. The teacher's task here, to guide him to facilitate student learning, the learning process and take the necessary measures to ensure the participation is to motivate students. Learning resources and provide direct interaction with the student's needs at the moment is to guide him through the process of learning and teaching. Teaching and learning in the process of museum visits, the museum's experience with interest through interaction, observation, thinking and expressing feelings, use your imagination, your own life, tying instruction, the museum's message, vision and meaning, objects, reading, cultural values and life to share, search for truth, applications and evaluation, will be able to gain skills directly. For our valuable students positive attributes 3 school administrators with 15 teachers will be in mobility according to mentioned steps above. Each group will include 5 teachers who go to Austria, Italy and Germany within the course of our project we intend to take. Total mobility days take 12 and the course will take 10 days totally. So the 2 days which are not for courses, teachers will visit museums in these countries which are culture, education, history centers.