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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Projects in our country to have quality information on vocational guidance and career counseling staff of vocational training institutions and is the subject of the application can be observed landing on a conscious level. This Bond is a vocational training institutions on the general framework given training of Multi-Program High School teaching staff plan their careers to students for them the most accurate, structured courses and on the job to have a proper orientation to the rational and capacity envisages monitoring activities. Before describing two different mobility to create a basic theoretical systematics in the European Union on career guidance and then a job in order to observe the application of this systematic follow-up study will be done. The specific objectives and targets of the project; Booth Multi-Program High School's staff level to develop a cumulative career guidance skills, job satisfaction high graduates in the medium and long term, the school provides training in the region to ensure the operation of compatible individuals with skills in business management and education system for the enforcement of education by bringing suggest some policy in this area, support to planner is to ensure that. Project staff of 12 school-site administrators and teacher-counselors, first take a 9-day professional course about the project in Germany, and then includes not follow a 7-day job on the still project the subject of the same staff, Belgium. To this end the project in a very preliminary and complementary activities will also take place logic. Booth participants are employees of Multi-Program Anatolian High School. This staff, guidance teachers working in schools, vocational teachers will consist of subject teachers and school administrators. mobility of the participant group of 12 people (structured courses and job tracking) is intended to achieve a total of 24 mobility making. First mobility as a course built on vocational guidance and career counseling in Germany and in Belgium job mobility is planned to be carried out as follows monitoring. The first activity contains an insertion of 11 days and a 9-day course of 11 days. The first day of this placement will be evaluated to the last day of orientation and assessment. 7 is designed as a daily job tracking mobility. The effects of the participants of the project is expected to be as follows: - Will acquire basic training will be useful to students in vocational guidance. For this, two different EU countries will observe innovative applications. -Professional About career guidance and counseling services; professional standards, ethics, training and assessment, certification / the certification system will be the foundation persons -The Participants, Project-based team will develop the ability to work in a study. Thanks to the project they will spend time together both before and after the mobility activity will contribute to the creation collegiality and cooperation level. -The Participants Shall take courses on career guidance in accordance with the project objectives. Concepts they learn in this course, practices and case studies will gain perspective sitting with a specific training on vocational guidance. -The Participants Of multiculturalism (multiculturalism) and will be the elimination of prejudice if you have about the European Union. The expected impact of the project on the school / results are as follows: Preparation of national and multilateral -Very a school project, you will gain experience in corporate and reporting of implementation stage. The position of the institutions in the region through a holistic approach to our projects designed -Staff and reputation will be affected in a positive way -European Union integration process will be an important step towards becoming an institution where the implementation of EU standards in vocational guidance -Professional Policy guidance and direction in determining the nature of work actors can bring the system shall be an institution with staff recommendations. -Project Thanks to improved cooperation and work together to do in the future on behalf of the corporate culture will form the basis for projects with potential. Students and parents expected effects on the project: -You Will be able to choose the profession conscious individuals Future social and personally satisfying career choice with -Right will be much more than those who choose the wrong profession -Professional Guidance and career counseling services misconceptions and unrealistic expectations for a large segment of the society is also maintained by the parents. The awareness that expectations should be realistic and should make rational decisions, students will be given to those parents



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