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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The name of our project is “Applications Related to Occupational Training”, which includes professional departments of Mechanical Technology, Electrical and Electronic Technology and Metal Technology. 1. Flow will be carried out in the city Augsburg, Germany with our foreign partner Autoservice Kaya in “design and training in solid modeling and animation”, 22 students and 1 companion specialist teacher studying in Machine Technology department. Machines are one of the most important factors that facilitate people's life and increase the quality of life. Machine technology field is the base of economic development. Field is advancing rapidly in the world, its income and value-added is the locomotive of the economy. Because it is a production-oriented sector, it also provides high added value to the country's economy. In our country it has been identified that there was a sufficient need for skilled workers in this sector. The purpose of the machine program is to train the manpower that will work on the use of all kinds of machinery, the design of the machine parts that are subject to manufacturing in the relevant production area, drawing of technical drawings and by using manufactiuring methods with with and without chip on benches, processing. But unfortunately there is no personnel found with sufficient quality to serve in this area. In the execution phase of the training we planned, by maintaining courses and training modules, our participants at the end of training will be able to make a three-dimensional designs of machine parts by using necessary commands in a computer environment and follow the latest technological developments and innovations and will transfer these information to other students when they returned home. With information that are transferred to the students, it will be a great step towards solving the problem of the need for labor that is insufficient in animation and character design in our country. 2. Flow will be carried out in the in Budapest, Hungary with our foreign partner KaeszGyulaFaipariSzakközépiskolaésSzakiskola in “wireless network systems in the field of networking”, with 22 students and 1 companion specialist teacher studying in Electrics Electronics Technology department. Our participants will receive network systems training will be able to evaluate wireless connection from point-to-point installation by using wireless network technologies and the current position of the mobile communication operation with wireless network technologies. With wireless network system without any need for infrastructure and wiring connection processes, continuous operation of internet and communication connections in cities can be achieved with inexpensive costs. The more experts, trained staff exist on this issue, the more improvement in technology and the economy as a country. As the participants are trained by qualified personnel studies in Europe and in institutions with highly developed technological capabilities, this would be a step for the new generation to educate as more efficient intermediate staff. 3. Flow will be carried out in the in Konigsbrunn, Germany with our foreign partner Metro-OberflächentechnikGmbH in “'CNC practical training”, with 22 students and 1 companion specialist teacher studying in Metal Technology department. They will gain competencies such as working principle of CNC machine tools, programming CNC machine tools basics, tooling systems for CNC machine tools, selection of equipment, tools, technological branches, capture tool, adding easy sharpening tools, preparation of CNC programs, CNC machine tool parts manufacturing, daily maintenance of CNC machines, applying safe fire protection, environmental regulations, safe management and operation of CNC machine tools, abnormal operation recognition, secure and accurate identification of tools and workpieces, detection, adjustment of current, programming and other technological failures. One of the major goals that we want to realize for our project, is that the students to increase their professional knowledge and skills that involve in the project as a participant by seeing innovations related to their areas, technological equipment, tools, supplies in developed European countries and to be employed as an personnel in accordance with international standards by developing linguistic skills.. Europass certificate that they will take after the internship training in Europe will be very important reference in the future. Our project team will be responsible for all the training process, in the execution of our project preparation and for our participants to reach the targeted level professional training including preparation and training period. The mobility of learners throughout the demonstration project management methods, group work and practice methods will be used, and with the introduction of our institution of project promotion methods project results shall be communicated to a wide audience.



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