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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is going to be realized with the cooperation of three multi programmed vocational high schools. They are Çerkeş 19 Mayıs; Şabanözü and Şehit Hakkı Çelik vocational high schools. These schools has come together to increase their students professional knowledge and skills. All of the schools has spesific complaints about their educational capacities for two reason. First of all the deficiencies have bad influences on the students' professional competency. Secondly, the educational curricullum is not compatible with the employment opportunities. Because of these two reasons, we aim to move the knowledge and skills that have been acquired by the students to a more specialized area with the project includes EU mobilites in order to both increase level of specialization and to provide our students the capability of making more accurate chices for the future. In the project our school Çerkeş 19 Mayıs cooperates with Şabanözü vocational high school for the students study on electirc-electronics to be trained. And for the students study on child care and IT technology, the cooperation made with Şehit Hakkı Çelik vocational high school. The first flow is going to be for the students from It technolgy department in Portugal between 06.02.2016 -21.02.2016. The second one is going to be for the students from Child Care department in Germany between 27.02.2016-13.03.2016 . And the last one is going to be for the students from electric-electronic department in Germany between 19.03.2016- 03.04.2016. The subjects of the tainings are going to be as web design and programming for the students from It technology department; language and speaking difficulties for the students from child care department and smart home systems the students from electric-electronics department. The number of the participants will be 20 pupils for each flow and 2 teachers will accompany in each flow. While we were defining the special subjects for the trainings we took the point into consideration that we are experiencing difficulties to support our students'professional competencies in the presence of the needs of both region and country. Under this circumstances all the schools accepted that there is a significance inadequacy related to the practical training. Furthermore, the schools point out that the system of education consists of modulles which cover a wide range of issues with intense and complicated informations. Instead of that the schools propose that the educations should be formed with respect to the level of students' and school capacities and studuents should be trained according to the special field which can be limited but also fruitful in terms of employability capacity. Because of that, by means of training the students in the subjects mentioned above the aim of this project is not only increase the occupational knowledge and skills of our students but also to make it easier for students to take advantage of industrial opportunities. The training will be held around an understandig as learning by experience. This will lead enhanced experience of theoretical knowledge and practical skills unification. In this case, we can say that the trainings are going to be composed of both theoretical tarining and applied training. Especially the part of epplied training will create a chance to know the people working in these specifi fields and to hear from them for our students. Because our students will speak in English during this process, progress on the level of both daily and proffessional foreign language skills is among the expectations. Project includes a social dimension apart from the occupational training. This social dimension will provide a chance to know the charactersitcs of a differnt country and culture. By doing that it also enables our students and teachers to introduces their own culture and to internalize the values of Erasmus+ projects such as cultural cooprations and interactions. After the trainings, we will spread an effort to anounce the project and to share the outputs as much as possible in order to have an indirect but positive impacts on the regional and national level.



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