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Avrupa Birliğinde Çikolata Üretim Stajı
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Participants of our project were; 2 students from 10th grade in Food and Beverage Services Area and 40 students from 11th and 12th grades in Pastry branch who are receiving basic vocational education from Hakkâri Mehmet Akif Ersoy Vocational and Technical High School, Servergazi İMKB Vocational and Technical High School, Etlik Vocational and Technical High School and Vehbi Koç Foundation Vocational and Technical High Schools. Our students were mostly girls because of the specialties of the departments. Internship operations in Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany were completed successfully with the determined number of days and students in the application form. Technical goals of the project were reached and the participants were socially and culturally filled compliant to the goal of Erasmus+ projects. As a part of applied education system, our students are guided to the Food and Beverage Services area, they receive common classes in 10th grade and at the end of 10th grade they select Pastry Field and receive field classes like Biscuits, Creams, Sauces and Doughs. In 12th grade, our students primarily take sufficient classes regarding their area like; Jelly, Candies, Petit Fours, Tarts, Pies, Cakes, Milk Puddings, Fruit Desserts, Cereal Desserts and Dough Desserts. However, relevant field students aren’t able to have enough vocational skills on chocolate production process, fermentation, making cocoa tops and chocolate production with various contents because there isn’t any modules and study programs on these topics. In addition, they aren’t able to receive vocational information on production of chocolate kinds like dragee, truffle, ganache and filled because sufficient tools, equipment and raw material isn’t provided. However, they found a specialty for themselves with this project according to the determined goals in the application form and more importantly they gained a perspective in the field they are in. Lately, product variety within the sector increased because of the changing consumer behavior and the request of product-focused vocational skills in personnel arose. Especially, chocolate field was separated from pastry field and it became a sector which requests different vocational skills. There isn’t a discipline in our country which provides vocational education regarding this area and this created a grand workforce request within the sector. As a result of this, the goal of overcoming the deficiencies for our participants became the foundation point of our project. Main goal of our project is to develop our participants’ (which have basic skills in the pastry area) skills in a way which will answer to the request of qualified workforce of chocolate production industry. The process of the project was filled with high standards. To provide employment for our participants, their competence on the topic was increased and we shaped our spreading operations for this situation to become a bridge between the participants which have the need of employment and the sector which has the need of qualified workforce. According to the mentioned goal, our participants gained vocational skills on the process of producing various chocolates from cocoa seed. They also gained application skills, theoretical and technical information on various chocolate types. In addition, our participants received information on hygiene rules, sterilization conditions and hygienic protection of produced chocolates in the standards of HACCP and IN EN ISO 9001:2008 and they received information on Food Safety systems. All of these were the expected results of our project. Other than the vocational competence our participants received as a part of our project placement operations, our participants developed foreign language skills on a scale which will let them work in multilingual business environments and which will let them face daily situations. They developed these skills after the pre-placement operations on language preparation and placement process. Our project had a strategic sociological and economic importance because it is directly related to the healthy nourishment of public and contribution to the employment. As a result of our project, qualified personnel for the food and beverage sector will be employed within the sector and this supports a very important business industry in the mentioned level. This situation will also indirectly contribute to the empowerment of the sector in the international area. Aforesaid contribution will be observed in the medium or long term.



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