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Avrupa Birliği Standartlarında Zeytin Üretim,Hasat ve Pazarlama Tekniklerinin İncelenmesi Projesi
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A Consortium which under leadership of Public Education Center and Evening School of Arts formed. This consortium formed by among Erdemli Vocational and Technical High School, Fatma Aliye Vocational and Technical High School, Erdemli provincial directorate of food agricultural and livestock , Mezitli provincial directorate of food agriculture and livestock, Erdemli Chamber of Agriculture and Mediterranean Natural Life Association. This consortium will be formed that “The Europa Union standardization production of olive, harvest and marketing tactic of olive investigate” name of Project. The problems becomes for which disuse mechanisation and advanced technology during Harvesting of olive in province Mersin. These problems is become such as high cost, yield loss,deterioration of olive oil. Olive areas in Province Mersin expands growth as of years . Associated with this growth have been become in Olive Marketing problems. This Project is aimed solutions of these problems The within the scope of the Project ; attendants will go italy, spain and latvia where is investigated for topic such as mechanization,EU standatization product olive, harvest and marketing tactics. The within the scope of the Project ; attendants will go to italy, spain and latvia where is investigated topics such as mechanization,EU standatization product olive, harvest and marketing tactics. These attendants are technical personals of Erdemli/Mezitli provincial directorate of food agricultural and livestock and Erdemli Chamber of Agriculture members and subject matter experts of civil society organization (cso) members that producer and technical personals. These trips will be aimed seeing such as developed and successed agricultural policy, mechanization of product olive, production and marketing. Moreover Eventually, properly contribute to olive oil and olive produce will be aimed in province Mersin. Our Office and Project partners profile; These partners have qualify personal whose Olive produce , and willing that use modern agriculture technical, the same curriculum for new personel and members teach, Tillage, Breeding and Maintenance Procedures, Agricultural Mechanization, Agriculture Products Processing Technology, Postharvest Operations, Harvesting Machinery in one subject, or that they are more experienced in. Project preparation activities and programs with the aim of identifying appropriate participants in the project preparation.Obtain necessary information about vocational training of the participants in accordance with the Occupational Mobility of purpose.The necessary information and publicity activities and dissemination of the work done.Closed meetings are planned to be completed with the necessary assessment and reporting process. The participants to the project; Learning of innovative practices implemented in the EU, it is manufactured in the EU standards,The formation of intercultural rapprochement,areas of expertise related to the developer and to be preferred because it contains experience staff earning activities, professional competitive gain,To determine the long-term and realistic goals in terms of professional, to increase the motivation to examine successful examples, increase employability and personal qualities necessary for development will provide. Of profitability will be achieved by the project will improve the welfare of its people. Production will occur which will stimulate the market efficiency. The establishment of new firms will provide the emergence of competition. In this competitive environment will provide high quality products accessible to people with a price sale.Transferring the national level of professional knowledge and experience acquired by the participants on the project and dissemination will be carried out. Thus, more modern way of farming will be made and obtain better quality products.Will contribute to the sectoral development and will set an example for other work.That exists with the project will lead to increased economic value, will contribute to the strengthening of the domestic market.