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AVATAR: a virtual world for learning

This project plans a sectorial transfer because it adapts and applies a learning environment in vocational education (IFP) and vocational training (IeFP) fields, created for secondary school’s teachers and students. The aim of this experimentation is to improve, assist and support teaching and learning activities through using innovative tools and methodologies made available by virtual worlds. Within the experimentation the project wants to promote integration among the worlds of vocational education, vocational training and labour market. Actually the debate is open on didactic methodologies more functional for learning, new ways teaching and making school. Otherwise concreteness, imagination and game are the bases of an environment that promotes learning. The interesting aspect for teachers is the possibility to build knowledge through a close interchange with students, and it’s exactly this “building” which fascinates students, giving a new and different motivation to learning. This way, the relationship between teachers and learners changes, therefore it becomes necessary to relate in a synergic and equal way to “build together” a project thinking on how knowledge to acquire “is seen”, on “what” it needs to be built to simplify knowledge and “how” to realise a plan of different buildings.So, to make all this real it’s necessary to reach the following main aims:• to implement and support teaching and learning activities through using tools made available by virtual worlds;• to increase computer and methodological trainers competencies for an efficient application of innovative methods, as the virtual reality;• to promote, through virtual worlds, learning of cultural and technical fields’ subjects;• to transfer tools and methodologies experimented until this moment to the different partners involved.The project, promoted by the Lepido Rocco Association, plans the engagement of the Treviso Province, the inter-university Consortium FOR.COM, the FH J. University of Graz (A), the Anniesland college of Glasgow (UK), the WISAMAR Educational Institute Leipzig (DE), the Avcılar Saide Zorlu TML School of Istanbul (TR), the School Office of Palermo and the Veneto Region’s Directorate of Labour.The project provides the engagement of 30 teachers/trainers of vocational institutes and training centres and 120 learners belonging to catering, construction and administration fields(IT, UK, DE, TR).



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