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Autonomous Printed Paper products for functional Labels and Electronics (APPLE)
Date du début: 1 juin 2011, Date de fin: 31 mai 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A new generation of sustainable paper products with specific autonomous functionalities aiming at interacting with their users and/or reporting changes in their environment is developed. The project focuses on the development of new functional materials (paper, fibres, inks), new functional components (battery, sensors, display, memory) and innovative, flexible and cost-effective manufacturing processes based on printing and embedding techniques for the integration of all these functional components on the smart paper substrate.The new APPLE products make extended use of the specific properties of both fibre based products and (nano)fibres individually: the paper is not only used as substrate providing the required mechanical, surface and barrier properties for the printing and integration of the functional components but also the fibres including the incorporation of nanofibres are used as active elements, namely the display and the memory.The new cost-effective manufacturing process based on printing and embedding techniques with a new quality-controlled, flexible concept developed, will open new opportunities for the paper and printing industries (132 000 printers in Europe, among which 85% are SMEs) in the growing market of low-cost and high value added printed electronics.The aim is to demonstrate the new products for target applications: 1) Environment & safety labels, 2) Environment & advertising posters and 3) Smart packaging labels.The project also aims at paving the way for further development of flexible low-cost manufacturing processes of other new high value added products through the integration of latest sensor, energy sources and ICT technology in order to meet societal needs.



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