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Autonomous Paper-based Point-of-Care Biosensing System (APPOCS)
Date du début: 16 août 2013, Date de fin: 15 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The objective of this proposal is the development of a fuel cell powered point-of-care analytical device based on paper microfluidics. The device would comprise a power source, biosensors, electronics module and display, to allow the autonomous quantitative measurement of a biological sample and visualize the results within a thin, flexible and disposable package. A first phase of the project (outgoing) will be dedicated to acquiring the skills and methodology to develop paper-based microfluidic devices such as fuel cells and biosensors. The second phase (return) will be dedicated to transfer these skills into the host organization and integrate the paper-based fuel cells and biosensors with the proper electronics and display on a flexible plastic substrate. The outcome of the project will be a functional working prototype transferable to the manufacturing technology used in organic electronics (OE).