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The car models of today are more like a "computer on wheels" than a mechanical product that has been the case before.The fact that a new car model has a number of electronic systems means that the demand for easy accesible training tools has increased a lot during the last years. Normally a mechanic is not a great fan of reading heavy books with theory - he/she is more interested in working on a car. These facts has opened up a good market for e-learning which makes the learning more fun and you do not have to leave your workshop and business to go away on courses.Infocar has already released a number of automotive training titles in different languages. Until now the sale has been focused on the Scandinavian market but we are starting to expand the sales to other EU-markets this year. Within the on-going Leonardo project we will release a number of new titles in different languages which can improve the sales on export markets.A drawback with e-learning production is that the development costs for each title is rather high. Infocar has received a number of requests for a real mobile solution for training that should contain short effective training modules. They should be possible to go through on your spare time, for example on the bus on your way to/from the job.A logic inexpensive hardware to use for this purpose is your mobile phone - until now the display has been small and the memory in the phones has been too small etc. . During 2008 Apple released their iPhone in Europe, including a perfect display and enough performance which makes it possible to implement training modules in the phone. Furthermore it has a very intuitive user interface that makes the use of the phone very simple.In the beginning of this year all major producers of telephones have released competitive products to iPhone so today the prices are going down on these "smart phones" thanks to the competition.To be able to develop these new training titles on the m-learning platform there is a demand for partners in the project with a good mix of background and experience in the field of pedagogics, multimedia production, graphic design, automotive technology and mobile phones.We have in the on-going project a good mix of knowledge so we have planned to keep 3 of the old partners, adding one new partner.The new partner Christiani from Konstanz, Germany has a very long background of developing training books and tools for the automotive area. They also have an extensive sales network in Europe and also on some markets outside Europe.As we are entering a completely new area, the mobile phone platform, we have planned to use a consultant for developing a user interface that should be attractive and easy to use. We have already taken the first contacts with a Swedish company called TAT in Malmö - they are specialised in the development of user interfaces for mobile phones.The outcome from this project is planned to be a large number of short automotive training modules in at least 7 different languages.The modules can either be downloaded to you phone or you can run them via the mobile network and a user log-in.Some of the modules will be converted from the existing Infocar e-learning library and some will be completely new.We are quite sure that this new product will be the first really mobile solution that can attract every automotive mechanic or student so he/she can spend a quarter of time to/from the job to learn about some new automotive system. You normally never find a mechanic reading autmotive books on the way to the job - it is also not so common that you have a lap-top on the bus or tra



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