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AusBildung wird Forschung - DKFZ-Auszubildende forschen europaweit
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In our 24 months project "AusBildung wird Forschung - DKFZ-Auszubildende forschen europaweit", 21 apprentices, 1 animal keeper who completed his training in 2015 and 3 staff members of the training department had the opportunity to partake. Most of the participants are completing an apprenticeship as biological laboratory assistants (17), office clerks (3) and qualified IT specialists (1). They all finished the second year of training during the internship and they successfully completed their intermediate examination respectively final examination part 1. All of them have been highly motivated to pass an internship abroad. It is our intent to help our apprentices to qualify in an international market and be highly competent and qualified in our domestic job market as well. In addition this will allow all participants to hone their secondary language skills and become familiar with international cultures which will further self-confidence and independence. All the acquired expertise could be used in a foreign work environment in an excellent way, additional skills and knowledge could be gained. All participants could enhance their language skills, especially in English, which was proved by comparing some documents like CVs, Motivation Letters in the beginning and the final presentation in the end. Some participants were able to improve their communication skills in another language like French, Spanish, Swedish or Italian. The mobility project is used in advertising for apprenticeship programs to gain interest of to suffiently qualified candidates and consequently receive resumes of viable applicants. In addition to these advertising tasks, there are reports on our Website, in our employee newspaper and local, daily newspaper about the Erasmus Plus participants. During the application process, excellent candidates and future trainees, reported to us, that the possibility of completing an intership abroad is a good reason to decide - Pro DKFZ! The young animal keeper completed his final exam with high marks. After accepting a job offer in our Center of Preclinical Research, this highly motivated, young man improved his expertise, language and intercultural skills which will help him to communicate with all the international researchers at the German Cancer Research Center. Two Supervisors of the biological laboratory assistants gained new work experiences abroad and will now transfer this new knowledge into internal lessons for our trainees. The acquired and improved intercultural competences as well as the experiences made by the project coordinator herself will enhance her ability to prepare and accompany the trainees during their stay abroad. The third member of the teaching staff will be assigned to the continued education sector. As Bachelor Professional Office and Project Management she is organizing different in-house courses. Additionally she arranges projects for our trainees to enhance their social skills. Working in an English-speaking country, she was able to improve her language skills, her organisation skills and gained experience in operating with diverse Evaluation Systems for organized events. She will use this knowledge to choose and develop new Evaluation Systems for our in-house trainings. The chosen participants were assigned to a permanent work group during the internship. In these groups the participant is working together with scientists or take over responsibly in administrative tasks. Teaching and learning goals are gaged and controlled with help of learning agreements, the Europass-Mobilität, personell evaluations, feed back discussions and via e-mail.



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