Rechercher des projets européens

Ausbau und Verbesserung der interkulturellen Kompetenz von Schülern und Lehrern sowie der Kompetenz für internationales Projektmanagement
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Background: The demands on schools have changed. Firstly, the future labor market of the students is opened internationally and on the other hand, the students also in their private lives many other cultures meet.In these changes, we want to prepare our students the best possible way.We want the one the teachers prepare by improving intercultural competence and project management skills and use the other hand the student body motivate yourself for cultural exchange and thus to enable a "we together" in Europe or worldwide.Our teachers get the opportunity to intensively meet potential project partners to plan accordingly with them projects in various fields through European training.Project objectives:The aim of these projects is to be an improvement of intercultural competences and the project management skills of the college.Number and profile of participants / inside:The 1-- 5 participating teachers / students should be prepared firstly undergo training abroad and must have good language skills, on the other hand they should be ready but exemplify their openness and tolerance in the college in the student body or to a common Europe to promote. a common world that is one to make "We together" possible.Description of the measures:Participation in intercultural project management training coursesMethodology for project implementation:About the training courses, the project management skills of teachers should be promoted and so the students are given the opportunity for cross-cultural projects in the classroom.Description of expected results and impact and potential long-term benefits:The contacts and the acquisition of knowledge on the training will bring about a motivation boost for intercultural learning and intercultural cooperation and integrate the work at school with European projects in everyday life.The training will enable teachers , even more to inspire our teaching staff for European projects , and to use the project as a means of expanding the intercultural , language and social skills of the students .By expanding these skills our students will be better prepared in the future to meet the needs of the European and international labor market as well as for the commitment of a peaceful world full of tolerance and openness .