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AURORA II – Towards Modern and Innovative Higher Education (EU-Russia)
Date du début: 15 juil. 2013,

The proposal Aurora – Towards Modern and Innovative Higher Education II (Aurora II) will promote multidisciplinary cooperation at various levels, which will increase the links between Europe and Russia and contribute to cultural dialogue and mutual understanding.The proposal builds on an agenda of higher education institutions and business benefiting from working together. By developing partnerships with business, universities can meet the rapidly changing requirements in the economy. Besides providing high quality academic skills during the mobility periods, Aurora II stretches the importance of students acquiring also transversal and transferable skills. Aurora II aims at increasing the employability of university graduates through structured mobility and internships. The University-Business dialogue will at the same time contribute to the transfer of knowledge towards the society, and the growth of the economy.The mobility scheme consists of 170 grantees. Of these grant holders 75 % represent Russia. Partner universities’ students and staff represent 58 % of the mobilities. Representing 51 % of the total mobility flow, Aurora II aims at sustainable cooperation by emphasizing doctorate, post-doctorate and staff mobilities. Mobility of researchers, teachers and administrative staff contributes to the exchange of experiences concerning educational methods and practices, innovations, business, and the development of further joint activities such as joint research projects.The Aurora II mobility scheme is based on free mobility, implying that candidates in all target groups can apply freely to any European/Russian partner university of their interest. Free mobility and lack of pre-assigned mobility quotas allow the mobilities to be chosen on academic criteria. The thematic expertise of each partner can be fully appreciated and the interests of the applicants served. The Consortium aims at multilateral mobility flows that arise from academic interest.



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