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August Cruise
Date du début: 21 juin 2014, Date de fin: 20 oct. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Danish Guide and Scouts Association organizes together with the Flemisch Sea Scouting Associations an exchange event called August Cruise, an international gather and learning event. Through the game of Sea Scouting, where ships are omnipresent, we would like to exchange thoughts, practices and culture. The participants will embark on Sailing ships for a voyage through Denmark, to arrive at our destination they will need to work together to navigate the ship safely. The life on board a ship is an excellent university of life. A ship will not sail if the crew does not take up responsibilities and collaborates. The participants have an age between 17 and 20 years old. The participants all demonstrated an interest in cultural exchange and an interest in Sailing with Tall ships during the application process. The Belgian participants are selected from different local groups from the whole country. The Danisch scouts in the exchange come from around Denmark. The activities are selected to enhance cultural, personal, nautical exchange and will need teamwork, knowledge and skills to be accomplished. These activities will improve a stronger sense of responsibility and will create valuable and sustainable relationships with youngsters from another European country. These relationships will not only enhance their personal development, but will result in a qualitative and improved cooperation between Belgian and Danish Sea Scouts as well. This can be result in a more general European collaboration between more countries in the future. The results of our exchange will be communicated in the scouting magazines "Over&Weer" and "Euronaut" and in the Belgian Nautical Magazine "Varen". A blog will keep the general public up to date with stories and photos of the exchange. On National Belgian Scouts Conference and on the European Seascouts conference "Eurosea 12" we will display our results to the wider scouting public. This European collaboration will help our young members to become responsible Scouts Leaders with a broad european mindset. The collaboration will strengthen the European network of Sea Scouts and will certainly not be the last exchange. In each country the game of scouting brought peoples from all classes, gender and race together. We want to take this, with the help of Erasmus + to next step by an European exchange which will unite European Sea Scouts across borders.



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