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Taking into account the importance of the machinery in the construction sector, it is a vital aspect for health and safety and for productivity on the building sites to carry out a proper maintenance of all machinery. This project was focused in excavation works for two reasons. Firstly, because of intensive work, which emphasizes the necessity of preventive maintenance. Secondly, because of the enormous quantity of self-employers and SMEs, who own machines and are working for others companies. So, the aim of this project was to design and apply a training system in basic machinery maintenance using a new technology called Augmented Reality (AR) which is the term to define a direct or indirect view of the physical environment in the real world, which elements combine with virtual elements in order to create a mixed reality in real time. This system will improve the basic skills of machinery operators related with a safe maintenance of their machines and not only with their operation.In order to achieve this aim the project had the following goals: *Analyze different kinds of machinery for excavation works in order to select the most suitable machine for implementing the training system based on AR*To identify the basic competencies related with the maintenance of the selected machine*To develop the necessary software for establishing the instruction system based on AR, and the hardware necessary for its implementation*To carry out a training pilot experience with operators in which the system will be tried. *To launch a diffusion plan in order to divulgate the project at local, regional, national and European level.The characteristics of the partnership assured the achievement of these aims and goals as well as the transfer and impact of the main outcomes. The partnership was formed by five partners (one Spanish, two Italian, one German and one Polish) that have huge importance either at sectorial, national or European level because most of them are entities with national implantation such as FLC, BZB or Building Schools from Piacenza and Vicenza (through FORMEDIL their representation national body) and mainly European level which is the case of PBCP. As tangible outcomes, besides those generated during the diffusion of the project such as web, leaflet, etc., will be: *Report with the results of the research*A map with the basic competencies of maintenance*Learning units with basic operations of maintenance*Training system with AR technology *Report of the training pilot experienceAs intangible results the Project will enhance the quality and innovation of the systems, institutions, teaching practices and vocational training in machinery maintenance field.Taking into account these results, the partnership and the aims of the Project, main impacts of the proposal were the development of innovation in the vocational training and the increase of the employment and the mobility of workers.



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