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Au fil des pas
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This youth exchange is carried by two associations, Dynamo International and CEMEA. We are working with young people with fewer opportunities by using mobility as tool of inclusion. During 11 days, this project will offert the opportunity for 20 youth from 14 to 17 y.o from two different countries to meet themselves in Belgium. Our two associations deal with an increasing number of requests from young minors in social, school and family unhooking. These young people often have difficulty in finding themselves in the school system and lose any confidence in their capacities. Because of that, we often see them developing school fears engendering afterward social fears. So it becomes difficult to create contact with others.Through a different project, putting forward the intercultural relations (collaboration with an association from Martinique), joining a sports dynamics and valuing the existing of Belgian associations in the environment of young people, we want to propose a first alternative to take them out of this spiral.This youth exchange will take place in Belgium in a itinerant way. The departure is planned in Han-sur-Lesse and the arrival in Brussels.The aim of this project is a re-energization of young people through a sport and participative challenge with associations of the ground.These young people are going to hiking (by foot and by bicycle) about twenty kilometers per day and will learn climbing on cliffs. Then, we want to work with an association to teach them how to repair defective bikes wiith the aim of giving them to a Brussels association.



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