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Attainment of advanced technical skills
Date du début: 18 août 2015, Date de fin: 17 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project was aiming to train 55 students and 6 instructors in Greece in the areas of Organic farming, Photo-voltaic and bakery/confectionery. Most of the participants were unemployed seeking new employment opportunities (the three employment areas are in need of qualified staff in Cyprus). Cyprus lack in skillful labor in professional areas such as qualified bakers and confectioners, organic farmers, and photo voltaic technicians. MIEEK establishment and purpose of operation is to fulfill Cyprus labor needs in these areas. This project was very important for the participants development as it provided the skills and competencies to meet employment challenges. Unemployment in Cyprus is currently among the highest within Europe. Participants were qualified both academically (receive an acknowledged certification) and practically (by receiving training in acknowledged organizations). The combination of the school attendance and practice in Greece enabled participants to receive the skills and knowledge needed to prosper in their chosen employment path. The organic participants received skills and knowledge, developed their initiative, increased their commercial awareness and developed good problem solving, communicated effectively (in professional terms), became team players and developed practical cultivation skills. Also became capable of working well under the pressure of meeting tight deadlines. Organic farming participants became capable to raise crops using natural pesticides and other techniques such as composting. The participants received an intimate knowledge of the land and the life cycles of plants. PV technicians became capable to install, service, troubleshoot and maintain commercial and home scale solar arrays. They became capable newly constructed systems as well as responding to service issues. Additionally they performed maintenance inspections on existing systems and collected accurate data for reporting purposes. Bakers/confectioners learned to master the use of a large number of tools in order to produce quality items, measured and mixed ingredients into dough according to a recipe, produced and decorated a variety of bakery and confectionery products, become creative etc. The commitment of participants and receiving partners to successfully meet project training objectives enriched skills and know how, enabling participants to fulfill their professional aspirations. The combination of knowledge and skills enabled participants to find easier a job and adjust comfortably in any working environment (by developing their social skills). They also improved their linguistic competencies (specifically in the use of the English language). They became professionally fulfilled and skillful to meet the challenges of their trade. They understood cultural diversity, enabling them to work comfortably with people of different ethnic and racial orientation. The targeted objectives were: 1: To develop professional skills and be able to apply them 2. To master advance technology and innovation 3. To handle basic and specialized equipment 4: To enrich their cultural background. Meeting other Europeans of different cultures provided a potential of achievement of this objective. Our partner contributed with the organization of cultural activities in the Greek region. 5: To develop a European identity. The reciprocal interaction with European citizens (colleagues and clientele at the workplace establishments) strengthened a European concept among participants. 6. To transfer attained knowledge and skills and share them with colleagues and the community 7. To improve their linguistic competences by interacting with colleagues and clients coming from different parts of Europe By the end of their school attendance and by completing training in Greece, participants are in place to work efficiently in their area of expertise in Cyprus or abroad.



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