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atriarchal castles between Friuli and Slovenia (Patriarchal castles between Friuli and Slovenia)
Date du début: 30 sept. 2003, Date de fin: 30 oct. 2008 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

An important part of the history of Friuli Venezia Giulia refers to the events that took place in the towns and villages where patriarchal castles appeared in the Middle Ages and partly survived the end of the Patriarchate. The castes are the points of reference of an anthropic and historically dense landscape, where for a long time - not just in the Middle Ages but since the most ancient times until the twentieth century - defence against the enemy was the basic reason for living. Changing war techniques, earthquakes and the gradual depopulation also on the castles hills led to their almost complete abandonment. In this sense the project envisages the creation of an itinerary including some of the castles along the Natisone valley (Ahrensperg, Antro) extending northwards along the road to Carinthia up to Cergneu (Nimis), where a small XIII century castle can be found. Most of the actions envisaged will be carried out in small centres, which are not generally tourist destinations. The initiative envisages infrastructural interventions (structural restoration, safety measures) in the Ahrensperg castle (Pulfero). The routes between Biacis – Ahrensperg – Antro and the bridle paths connecting the castles and the local natural landscape (Nimis – Attimis – Faedis – Pulfero – Prepotto) will be restored. Lastly, the partway leading from the first abodes in Cergneu to the Castle will also be renovated. The project also entails the creation of an information centre and the reconstruction of a handicraft textile laboratory and an exhibiting room. A Medieval tavern will be set up in Biacis (Pulfero). Lastly, promotional initiatives will be organized (tourist map, historical guide, etc.).



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