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Atomic Scale Group-IV Materials for Beyond-CMOS Applications (ATOMIC SCALE GFM)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2013, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

I will systematically exploit the quantum properties in Group-IV Materials (GFMs) at the atomic scale, by using top-down patterning processes developed for Si technologies. Among GFMs, I will examine graphene, Si, and Ge nano-structures, since these materials are technologically important. More specifically, I will use our He-Ion-Microscope (HIM) milling techniques to fabricate nano-structures beyond the resolution limit of conventional lithography. This research will:1. Characterize Freestanding Mono-layer or thin-layer of GFMsI will fabricate the freestanding device structure by HIM. The high-resolution of HIM will enable me to fabricate the graphene nano-ribbon as narrow as 5-nm. I will also examine the atomic structures of the device by Transmission-Electron-Microscope (TEM), and compare it with electrical measurements. The similar devices can be made for ultra-thin Si films.2. In-situ formation and characterization of Si Quantum Dot (QD)I will characterize the Si Single-Electron-Transistor with a QD by in-situ monitoring in HIM.3. Characterization of SiGe FinsI will characterize SiGe Fin for high performance electro-absorption optical modulator applications.Impacts of the projects to EU are expected as following ways:1. I will contribute in the interdisciplinary research areas with my strong research background in theoretical physics, nano-electronics, and Si Photonics.2. The long-term research activities to QIP will be continued for secure communication and massive commutation, beyond the limit of the classical computations.3. I will transfer my research experience from Japan. Especially, the industrial experience in Hitachi is helpful for running the clean room managements.4. I will explore the innovative opportunities for sustainable electronics, in which EU communities play the important contributions towards the matured smart society.5. I would like to establish the various collaboration within EU and internationally.