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AtivArte II
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The “Associação Social Recreativa Juventude de Vila Fonche/Juventude” works daily with over one hundred kids and teens. The association biggest priority is occupation their free time in the community. In the last few years, we started to conduct and participate in diverse youth programs which allowed “our” teens to visit and to know other countries, new cultures and to develop their social and personal competences. We work with European Voluntary Service (EVS) since 1998, welcoming different European youngsters in our installations.One of our biggest concerns in the last years has been the lack of youngsters participation in our community, mainly those who are from unstructured familiar contexts, more prone to risky situations and social exclusion.Another aspect that has alarmed us is youth unemployment which has become one of the biggest social calamities that affects European countries.Based on these problems “Associação Social Recreativa Juventude de Vila Fonche/Juventude” intends to continue a project already made previously and, with the collaboration of 3 new European volunteers, develop new activities that meet the needs of our community's youth and provide them with new knowledge, tools and socio-professional skills.The new projects to be developed by young volunteers during European Voluntary Service project (EVS) "AtivArte II", aim to develop and empower our youth, and volunteers themselves to a more active participation in society and also aim to disseminate programs for young people, especially those related to "Erasmus +". With the realization of the EVS project "AtivArte II", we have as main objectives:- To meet the needs of our community's youth;- Develop weekly workshops with various themes, to become alternatives of free time for local youth;- Equip young volunteers with a new set of personal and social skills to enable them, in the future, to have important differentiating factors in the labor market;- Increase the participation of young people of the community in projects under the program "Erasmus +" (particularly in EVS);- Working entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship amongst volunteers and community youth;- Awaken the youth and the community in general for European citizenship;- Provide contact between local community and different European cultures- We want the volunteers to learn Portuguese and to take our culture abroad.Our group of young volunteers consists of 2 girls and 1 boy, from three European countries (France, Belgium and Poland), with ages comprehended between 18 and 30 years. They all are also part of the NEET group (not in education, employment, or training).Volunteers chosen for the European Voluntary Service project "AtivArte II" will be responsible for the promotion of several weekly workshops, which will be developed in Arcos de Valdevez schools and youth center, training/information space to teens whom are part of the organization. It is intended that the implementation of various workshops becomes an effective alternative young people’s free time and are able to respond to the needs of young arcuenses.Some awareness/information sessions will be dynamized about mobility programs for young people, emphasizing the "Erasmus +" program. These sessions will be prepared by volunteers and will be appropriate to the audience’s age and characteristics.The activities will be based in informal educative techniques and methods (group dynamics, role plays, presentations, creation of “Learning Journal”, personal and group reflexions, etc.) and the participants will be oriented by the project coordinator, the activity manager and their mentor.At the end of the European Voluntary Service "AtivArte", an activity will be held in the center of Arcos de Valdevez village, open to the entire community, where the teens will share with everyone, their final papers resulting from the workshops and all the learning acquired throughout the project. A report will be elaborated and a final video will be made, which will be posted in our social networks and sent to our partners.Partners will also disseminate the final results in their social networks and among their communities.Our partners agreed that, when the youngsters arrive to their country, they would supervise and accompany them to help them to have a new integration in their communities. They also agreed to use their volunteering experience to create clarification sessions about the EVS and that the teen may disseminate the project he’s been into, as well as share the acquired competences and “AtivArt II" project final results.



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