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Athlets Learning Entrepreneurship – a new Type of Dual Career Approach
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The European Commission declared in 2007 in its “White paper on Sport” the importance to provide “Dual Career” training for young sportsmen and sportswomen already in an early stage in order to ensure the reintegration of professional sportspersons into the labour market at the end of their sporting careers.“Dual career” arrangements should allow Athletes to benefit from their sporting career as well to be well prepared for the time after their active sporting careers and to choose sport AND education.Our project AtLETyC addresses this increasingly important issue that strikes elite Athletes. AtLETyC will open a new opportunity to Athletes and a new direction in their lives. They will be better educated and will even be able to create new jobs.We want to provide educational training on Entrepreneurship at postsecondary (VET and tertiary) level with our partners to Athletes. Athletes are dedicated to achieving results and have an attitude and the capability to be the best and to succeed. Our approach shall provide Athletes with a new career path and decrease unemployment what contributes to EU 2020 Strategy in delivering smart and inclusive growth to economy. The Specific objectives of AtLETyC are:-To develop a vocational and/or higher education course on Entrepreneurship Athletes which will be offered in modules-To develop tailor-made training as the best solutionThe training will be composed of web-based modules and face to face modules according the “Blended Learning”-Concept:-General MOOC-based modules in English on overlapping topics (e.g. Marketing, Business Plan) equal in all partner countries-Special modules with country specific learning content (e.g. Business law, Accounting, Corporate foundations law) in form of face-to-face training in the language of the partnerOur training program can easily be tailored to the needs of others and transferred to other countries and regions in Europe, what enhances the sustainability of the project.



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