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Assessment of Transversal Skills 2020
Date du début: 1 mars 2015, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of the project is to develop students’, in upper primary and secondary compulsory education, transversal competences and appropriate assessment methods which will inform and support the implementation of transversal skills among education systems in EU Member States. The project will focus on three main areas of the transversal skills digital competences, entrepreneurship and language. Our focus is on learning from the practical implementation of the assessment methods in schools across partner countries. The pilot process is a “policy experimentation” from which policymakers will be able to draw valuable real-world lessons in relation to introducing transversal skills assessments into their national policies. The project will be structured to maximise the transnational transfer of the lessons learned and the identification of good practice through peer learning events so as to support policymakers and practitioners. Project objectives are: Research on existing policy formation and implementation practices in the area of developing transversal skills among students across Europe and internationally. Develop a competency framework that defines the transversal skills students should acquire through engagement in particular types of learning activities. These will be articulated in the form of Learning Outcomes. Develop a set of assessment rubrics and pedagogical tools that are informed by the competency framework. Develop a set of online tools to assist students assess their own transversal skills at upper primary and secondary school level. Provide training workshops, materials, services and resources to assist teachers design learning tasks for aligning learning goals and assessing transversal skills using ICT affordances and opportunities. Support teachers’ communities for exchange of good practices in the area of developing and assessment of transversal skills Initiate a repository of Open Educational Resources on developing and assessment of transversal skills Capture and evaluate the effectiveness of these assessment tools in 250 schools across 10 countries. Sharing professional practice in relation to the development and assessment of transversal skills in participating countries and beyond. The project will test and further develop assessment approaches and practices across a range of real-life classrooms in 10 pilot countries working with 250 schools and involving 10,000 learners. This experimentation will be carried out using reliable monitoring, evaluation and reporting procedures. The project consortium will design a robust evaluation framework aimed at “evaluating the potential impact of such an innovative approach by testing it through trials in the field” followed by both quantitative and qualitative methods and analysis. Through extensive promotional activities, the project will contribute to the growing discussion around the development and assessment of transversal skills within upper primary and second level education. This evidence will help national ministries and the EU to formulate informed policies and implementation strategies in this area across Europe.



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