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Assessment Methodologies for ICT in multimodal transport from User Behaviour to CO2 reduction (AMITRAN)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2011, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The AMITRAN project will develop a framework for the evaluation of the effects of ICT measures in traffic and transport on energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. By doing so, it will contribute to the development of ICT solutions that allow more efficient multimodal goods transport and passenger mobility. It is AMITRAN's ambition to build the foundations for a standardised assessment of future European ICT developments.Earlier studies indicate possible CO2 reductions up to 25% with certain ICT measures. AMITRAN provides the methodology and tools to assess such reductions on European level in a systematic and realistic way. This will support developers, public authorities and investors in ICT solutions to make sound decisions based on reliable impact estimates, covering the complete transport chain.AMITRAN's objectives are:•\tDeveloping a CO2 assessment methodology for ICT measures including multimodal passenger and freight transport, taking into account the whole chain of effects from user behaviour to CO2 production•\tDeveloping open interfaces for models and simulation tools implementing this methodology starting from the road sector and integrating high level modelling from the other modes•\tDeveloping a generic scaling up methodology and publicly available knowledge base with statistics to translate local effects to EU level.•\tValidating the proposed methodology and its implementation with reference implementations using available data from other projects and/or studies•\tProducing an online checklist and online guidance tool for future projects to use the proposed methodology in a practical mannerThe top of EU transport R&D institutes have bundled forces to cooperate in AMITRAN. There will be cooperation with recent and ongoing EU projects where ICT applications and tools are developed which potentially contribute to CO2 reduction. As active participants in those projects, the AMITRAN project partners will ensure direct liaison with these projects.



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