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Asistenti medicali mai bine pregatiti, mai bine integrati pe piata muncii
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Meeting the identified needs training, both at school and at local and regional level, to prepare quality workforce, well educated, with professional skills required by the European labor market in healthcare, the "Nurses better trained, best integrated in the labor market " project aims to develop professional skills of 50of students, being in the first and second year being in the initial training for the qualification of general nurse, of the Health Posthigh " Christiana " School from Craiova, who will participate in a European training placement for 5 weeks in hospitals’ ward in Italy and Cyprus. The training placement is part of the school timetable for clinical internship, included in the curriculum and the training plan aims the formation and development of professional skills, as specified in the professional standards and in the curriculum. The participants will be integrated into the health organizations and will perform, under the guidance of tutors, a total of 150 hours of practical training in various departments of the hospital, carrying out training activities included in the Learning Agreement. The students in the first year will identify aspects of patient addiction, will formulate nursing diagnosis, and identify the stages of care and compile the nursing plan, will apply the own and delegated interventions in the care process of patients with various diseases, will execute techniques of nursing and investigations, will administer medication and will follow the evolution of the patient after care. The second year students will care patients from Surgery, Orthopedic and Cardiology hospital wards. They will analyze the specific signs and symptoms of diseases, will identify dependency problems, make the nursing diagnosis and set up the care plan, will prepare and apply the own and delegated specific interventions to patients with cardiology , orthopedic and surgery diseases. At the end of the internship the tutors will make an assessment , by practical tests of professional skills developed by each participant during the placement. Skills assessed shall be recorded in Europass Mobility Document, together with the other developed skills and competences. At the end of training placement, the 50of participants will have extensive medical knowledge by putting into practice of the knowledge acquired in school, skills of using advanced medical technologies, ability to act in the real situation of the workplace, practical skills and competences required in the healthcare system in Europe, which will increase their chances of faster entering to the labor market, after finishing school. The professional competences at the European standards acquired together with positive experience at a health units in Europe, working in a multicultural team, the knowledge of European standards, the capacity of adapting to working in a European health unit, the new language and cultural skills, of communication with patients from other cultures, the experience of living in other cultural contexts will help the participants to become, as future nurses, more competitive on the European labor market. The project will contribute to the diversification and attractiveness of the educational offer of the school, to adapt training to the demands of the labor market, there by increasing the degree of the employability of graduates and increase the prestige of the school in the community. It will add European value to training offer of the school, making it more adapted to the specific health system in Europe and will encourage openness to models and best practices in European training of nurses. By promoting new types of practical workbased learning, in partnership with health company in other European countries, the project contributes to increasing the capacity of the VET system to adapt to the needs of vocational training qualifications required by employers in health care system, contributing to the formation of a workforce better prepared at regional, national and European level, in the long term, the health care system having a better trained workforce. The participants, that will engage in work later, will facilitate the transfer of European best practices in health units in



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