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Asigurarea calităţii prin perfecţionare europeana
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

„Dimitrie Leonida” Technical College from Bucharest offers professional training through high school and evening classes, vocational and post high school, to a number of more than 600 students , both young people aged 14 to 19 and adults, who would like to obtain certain qualifications in the technical area level 3, 4 and 5. The specialized training, based on general knowledge and professional competencies is provided by 54 teachers (+20 staff), well-qualified in different domains. Lately, our school has been equipped with modern and varied material resources (computers, video projectors and multimedia room). Yet, the teachers have been facing students’ lack of motivation for the educational process and a large number of school abandonments. Therefore, it became a necessity for teachers to continuously train themselves, so that through learning about and taking over some new strategies and action plans (regarding ICT and the decrease of early school leaving phenomenon), they can interfere and support their students by creating a favourable and motivating climate. Taking into acount these needs of the institution, “Dimitrie Leonida” Technical College aimed to increase the quality of the educational process of its employees by a continuous training at a European level. We are referring here to a number of 10 teachers: coordinators, people in charge, members of different curriculum areas, of Commission of Quality, Commission for European Programs and Commission of Form Teachers. These teachers attended different training courses which were supposed to develop and improve several skills and competencies in the domains identified to be of a major interest. Our goal was to form teams, specialized in these directions, that should acquired new skills and knowledge and developed a sustained activity in school by using new methods and promoting European experience. The training courses led to the formation of new specialists in using ICT, helped teachers use and develop new instruments and strategies to increase the attractiveness of the educational process and to prevent, discover and diminish the early school leaving, improving the management of the school. By forming some dynamic teams, new strategies were developed for those students who were at a risk to abandon school and for those coming from disadvantaged environment, so that they should reach their educational potential. The strategies for training teachers increased the attractiveness of education through new techniques and teaching-assessing methods, based on modern informational instruments and varied communication/negotiation strategies. The purpose was to increase students’ interest/motivation and decrease the school abandonment. All these had as a result in a new European dimension of education by introducing new methods and techniques acquired during courses, so that our school should respond to the new requests of the European education.



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