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Arts in the public space
Date du début: 10 août 2016, Date de fin: 9 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Art in the Public Space" aims to present a program for the development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills. Wishing to meet the needs of young people to combine professional development with personal satisfaction, our project is looking for those conditions that can combine development of knowledge, skills and support them in practice to be able to finish the young people to know how to plan and implement their ideas. Be proactive and creative to find themselves and create conditions for development. Focus of our work will be how through art and culture, to develop themselves, but also to simulate the environment and their fellow citizens. Within the project we have planned:1/8 months EVS for 3 persons young people who will help in the ongoing tasks of the "Open Space" related to our work in public spaces in Sofia and promotion of volunteering and practicing arts in the community;2 / study visit of youth workers in Sofia; 3/ organizing training course to introduce of participants to the project planning and implementation, consideration of the environment with all its opportunities and resources, development of critical thinking and evaluation of their own behavior to find and attract support, analysis of best practices and skills development to submit personal project to a different audience. Number and profile of participants:1 / EVS: 3 girls aged 19, 21 and 25 years, from Spain and Italy, with an interest in the arts and their development as their professional development plan;2 / for the study visit - 6 youth workers from Italy, Spain, Latvia, Hungary, Turkey, Poland, no age limit, important is experience and contribution that they can do for capacity building of the sending organization;3/ for the training program participants are from Italy, Spain, Latvia, Hungary, Turkey, Poland and Bulgaria: 14 young people aged 18-29 years with an interest in working in various arts and 11 youth workers - no age limit, important is experience, qualities and skills to work with young people and to support their development. As a result of project activities:- Participants will: develop their competencies and entrepreneurial skills, critical thinking and evaluation of own contribution and efforts to develop ideas and personal development plans;- All participants will validate their skills and qualifications through certification. They will gain experience and knowledge in the field of non-formal education and learning. Will multiply experience in their environment;- Will be implemented contacts and share ideas and best practices from partner countries;- Will create a virtual gallery, and perhaps shop, which will present the achievements and ideas born within the project, but with the idea to continue to develop the theme and share ideas and offer them to other interested parties. Long-term benefits:Art fewer think and fewer resources to spend (both public funds and programs) and private and companies. It would be stupid if we stop to think about the arts and their development. Freezing of practicing arts will become us boring machines using only templates. With this project we attempt to find a way out of the current crisis for arts and culture. We want to reverse direction and show young people who have talent, what they can do to turn your hobby into a business and it is possible to art to be conceived as a business plan, and with this as socially responsible behavior. Everyone has the right to grow in a beautiful environment to raise her children in beauty. This not only ennobles the soul, it infects and they stimulate thinking in another direction, to imagine that you can do something beautiful and pleasant to the eye. Going further - to begin to really do change. Volunteer work and practice of the training participants will have an outreach to the community and random people. This will cause debate, but also will promote volunteerism and personal contribution that anyone can give to make the world we live in a more beautiful, better and supportive place to live.



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