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Date du début: 4 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 3 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The arts and cultural sector now amounts to around 4% of European GBP, remaining even in financially challenging times a growth sector. Across Europe the arts and cultural industries are attractive to many young people who commit themselves for their leisure or for job opportunities. Yet, the current European context sees an increase in youth unemployment (more than 50 % in some countries) and where the cultural sector has a image problem in its capacity to give " a real work " to the young people.The organisations committed in this youth exchange project, all from the artistic and cultural sector, wish to lead an experiment around a exchange project for young people from 5 countries: France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands and Portugal, particularly in direction of groups of young people in a disadvantaged situation but whose artistic commitment proves that they are in a positive approach in the construction of their practice, their project and their future as an adult.This project is a cooperative alliance between experimented structures which wish to meet the challenge to strengthen the skills of these young people and the youth workers who accompany them, to create the best conditions for the delivery of non-formal training, for peer led collaborative teaching, and for the creation of new cooperations that will create new actions and job opportunities at the European and international level.The project is divided in periods of artistic and technical workshops, public performances, visits of companies, cultural industries, meetings with professionals of the cultural and arts sector, the sessions of coaching and capacity building, through informal and peer led learning teaching techniques, to allow the young people, particularly the disadvantaged youth, to feel legitimate to live an intercultural experience at an European level and to strengthen their confidence and self-respect.thanks to these cooperative works, this exchange project will allow the partner organizations to pursue their works on the questions of certification of the young artists and the emergent cultural operators, by dealing with the possible label and award harmonisations at the European level.This project will take place in Toulouse from 2 till 9 April 2016 and will see the participation of 60 young people and 12 youth workers coming from the 5 countries of the partner organizations.This time of learning mobility will be organized around the following activities:Works on forward planning and preparation;Artistic and intercultural workshops;Sessions of capacity building;Group sessions between peers;Networking sessions;The construction and the presentation of the workshops' results through a performance;The development of multimedia products;Research, documentation and evaluation;The development of follow-up collaborations and the reflection on new cooperative projects.The used methods will be:Discussions and exchanges;Peer-led collaborative collective workshops;Informal training sessions;Practical sessions around specific artistic and/or technical skills;Conferences;Group Meetings;Evaluations;Networking actions;Intercultural activities.This exchange project is a project of intercultural immersion where the methods, the tools and practices which are implemented there, are an experiment to create a support plan for the youth in the creative sector and a rehabilitation of the image of the artistic and cultural sector, a sector which attracts numerous young people but which has to organize itself to facilitate their job integration and demonstrate its unexpected capability to be a major player on the economic field.



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