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artnership between medium-sized European towns for new approaches to sustainable commercial development in town centres (EuToPCom (European Town Partnership on Commerce))
Date du début: 31 déc. 2003, Date de fin: 29 juin 2006 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

BackgroundThe operation “EUtopCOM” is focusing on reviving town-centre commercial activities in cities, whose inner cities are in decline and threatened by large retail spaces close to their municipalities. The operation focuses on addressing this problem through the exchange of experiences and skills between the partners. This will include councillors, public officials and experts. Beyond policy-learning the partnership will develop and test new approaches through pilot measures to be implemented in each of the partnering cities.ObjectivesThe operation aims to improve capacities and policies in the partner regions. It will try to find solutions to the following questions: How to design a planning strategy in which commerce can act as driving force for urban renewal? Which new modalities of governance i.e. of joint decision-making between public authorities and socio-economical actors, are to be introduced to ensure effective mobilisation of all local partners around the future of commerce? How to reconcile commercial activities and sustainable development based on Agenda 21? Which strategic positioning is to be chosen to place commerce at the service of urban marketing and to place town profiles at the service of local commerce? How can new communication technologies be placed at the service of local commerce?ResultsThe operation results in strengthening the partner's capacities and professional skills to devise and implement appropriate urban development strategies. Partners attach greater importance to the interests of inner-city commerce in town planning experiment with improving the attractiveness of city-centre commerce through pilot projects.Activities include thematic workshops and seminars on issues linked to urban revitalization and city-center revival, in particular focusing on commerce and study-trips to facilitate the know-how transfer. Datasheets on good practice found are being drafted and disseminated. Interregional working groups have been formed in all partner cities to plan pilot activities to test new approaches and to re-energise local commerce



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