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Date du début: 2 mai 2016, Date de fin: 1 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ARTicular is a training course that will take place in Cacín (Granada) from 22nd to 28th of August 2016, designed for youth workers and young volunteers who would like to work about how art, and especially traditional art, could contribute to solve the problem of unemployment becoming familiar with different techniques and arts, discovering and debating about how that could be a job. In this, 13 workers or youth volunteers from 6 countries (Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Romania and Latvia) will meet with the following objectives:- To equip participants with new artistic knowledge and skills, especially about traditional art, and the ability to transmit them, to increase their employability.- To spread (through art) positive values such as diversity, well-being, inclusion and progress.- To foster creativity and sense of entrepreneurship.- To enable participants to reflect on their learning process and to learn more about Youthpass.To do this will take place different workshops and activities, always using the methodology of non-formal education, promoting an active and committed participation of the whole group. It will be a practical activity where experience techniques and ideas, bringing all to build effective learning. Continuing reflection on that learning process will be encouraged, promoting analytical and critical thinking to be able then to transmit what they learned.The expected impact is the development of skills in the participants so they can transmit to the youth they work with how use artistic skills acquired as an option of employment and promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship.To support this process we will create small video tutorials with the different techniques used to disseminate experience and encourage more young people in this way.In the long term, we expect emerging business initiatives related to the topic among the young people in our areas.



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