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articipation in Rural Communities by Young Broadband Users - PICYBU (PICYBU)
Date du début: 30 sept. 2004, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2006 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Many Northern Periphery areas are characterised by high youth out-migration and often it is those that are highly educated that leave. Coupled with this is a lack of services in rural areas, particularly e-services designed for young people and based on their needs. The objective of the PICYBU project is to test, pilot and evaluate how different media and ICT applications, and tools can contribute to the social participation of young people in rural communities. As young people become more aware of the possibilities that exist in their region, it is envisaged that they will have a renewed interest in their home region and a greater willingness to stay there. The vision is of an attractive rural life style. In order to achieve this, four main pilots will be run: media as a tool for young peoples participation, 24-hour society (services) for young people, youth culture and eBusiness in rural areas. Achievements: 1) Competence raising: Skills in e-business, abilities to produce media, increased media literacy 2) Evaluated models for media education 3) Trained tutor networks in the regions 4) Easy-access, easy-use eServices designed specially for young people, tailored for people living in rural areas: Mobile services, school portals, guidance centre, business game 5) Transregional interaction between young people living in rural areas using the internet as a tool for communication 6) New models for organising and working 7) Best practise examples: Experience exchange between regions and countries, learning from other regions 8) Digital tools and methods: for production of cultural content, for human networking between young people 9) Prototype P2P networks



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