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ArtECult V
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ArtECult V continues the work of the previous ArtECult projects in providing students high level of quality vocational training placements in another country and in the development work of the upper secondary vocational training in general. The current network has been strengthened over the years to a solid core group in which all members are active participants in the projects. The network represents visual expression and audiovisual communication fields of study. Finnish partners meet face to face twice a year. In addition, the network steering group arrangers online meetings four times a year plus numerous online meetings will be arranged around organizing the photography competition and arranging the international seminar of ECVET. Educational institutions are Lybecker Institute of Crafts and Design /Raahe Region Authority for Education and Training, North Karelia College , Outokumpu , Hyria education, SATAEDU, College Keuda Tuusula, Finland , Jyväskylä Vocational and FPD Järvenpää Training Centre . The project is coordinated by Lybecker Institute of Crafts and Design. European partners are from Estonia, Germany, Slovak Republic, Spain, Hungary, Ireland , Latvia, Iceland, Italy and the United Kingdom. There are also carefully selected new partners in ArtECult V. All the partners respond our expertise. The project methodology emphasizes learning by doing. The most important objective of the project is to improve students´ level of key competences and skills by offering increased opportunities for learning mobility and through cooperation between our network of educational institutions and the labour market; ArtECult aims to equip students better to labour market and life in general. With the mobility activities students have a chance to strengthen their language skills, improve their learning performance, increase self-empowerment and self-esteem, increase entrepreneurship and sense of initiative. Mobility activities will bring motivation and satisfaction in the every day school life. The employability of the students will be enhanced and they will be active participants in society. ArtECult promotes also internationalizing in the home institution in many ways. All the network organizations welcome and receive international students, arrange international events, share experiences in many open platforms. In the autumn of 2015 the project will organized a photo competition. Entries will be received, assessed and presented online. Emphasis lies in the breaking the barriors of art and photography and in the innovations. ArteCult aims to promote equity and inclusion by facilitating the access to learners from remote areas, students with special needs or students that have obstacles that limit them from taking part in international projects. These students will be given opportunities to access project through individually designed mobility. Digital competences will be in practice throughout the project. The mobility activities include cultural and language training in the project´s e-learning platform. The beneficiaries will produce different kinds of material and media available for public during the project. Students and staff will keep written blogs, video and photo blogs, which will be shared in the network Internet site. ArteCult supports EU transparency and recognition tools such as Europass and ECVET. ArteCult promotes the implementing of ECVET to ensure that skills and qualifications can be more easily recognized within and across national borders as well as in the labour market. The network will arrange international ECVET seminar in the spring 2015 in Jyväskylä. Other actions include designing and executing a common study module with the Tartu Art School, which will be available for all the partner institutions use.



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