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Art of Debate
Date du début: 15 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 14 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Art of Debate" is an international training course adressed to 24 youth workers from Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Itay, Romania and macedionia. The aim of the project is to discover and improve different types of debate, which can be use as a method of work with youth. Debating is one of the tools that people who have opinions use to communicate their ideas to others. Debating is a way of bringing people together to discuss ideas, opinions and observations. These discussions are used to build support for plans and designs aimed at changing the way that groups of people interact. We debate so that members of a community can cooperate to put those plans and designs into practice. During 10 days training, which will take place in Poland, using informal methods of education, youth workers from 6 countries will practice debating skills and discussing about present problems related of youth. The training will be opportunity to exchange good practices, improve skills of debating, learn new methods work with youth. We hope, that the project will provide an impetus to development of a culture of debate and discussion in Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Italy, Romania and Macedonia. Local communities from partner's organisation's cities will have opportunity to participate in the organized after the training debates, which will increase their involvement in local activities. Youth, with whom participants work, will have a space to express their own opinion, and at the same time learn to respect the opinion of the opposition. This encourages reflection on the differences in the values, traditions, worldview, and work in groups multinational contributes to the prevention of racism and xenophobia. Through the development of culture and art of the debate the democratic values in each country will strengthen, because democracy is based on respect for the rights and duties of each citizen. Art of debate fosters lasting relationships with other people, communities and countries. It is also one of the fundamental values of the European Union.



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