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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

*context/background of project: In youth work there is a great demand for a method which youth workers can use for the organisation and guidance of youth art communities in public space. This question is formulated by the particpation organisations. As an answer we will develop a generic European roadmap with a special attention to local context of aspects. We will present this roadmap as a poster. The roadmap will document the process which we follow in three youth art communities which we organise in Belgium, Slovenia and Bulgaria. Every community is formed by youngsters, youth workers (in education) and youth worker educators. The results will be implemented in trainings for youth workers. *objectives of your project: -Objective 1: Promoting high-quality of youth work. -> The roadmap as a qualitative method -Objective 2: Promoting empowerment, participation and the active citizenship of young people.-> Youngsters choose a social theme, such as food waste, gender equality, the role of minorities... -Objective 3: Strengthening education and training paths of educators and youth workers ->The result will be implemented in trainings for youth workers *number and profile of participants: We will involve participants with different profiles. -60 youngsters -30 youth workers in education -4 youth workers -3 youth worker educators There are also 29,103 indirect participants. We will disseminate the results under youth workers and youth worker educators. They can use the developed roadmap in their own practice. *description of activities: The first three activities are the organisation and guidance of the local youth art communities in Belgium, Slovenia and Bulgaria. Every community is organised two times. The first time for five months. The second time, for four months. During those months the youngsters, youth workers, youth workers in education and youth worker educators will work together at least five times (every period). The youngsters have an age between 14 and 16 years. The big difference is the local context in which the community is organised. In Belgium we will work with a heterogeneous group of youngsters. In Bulgaria we will work with youngsters out of a Turkish minority in Dazhdovnitsa village. In Slovenia it are mostly female youngsters with a passion for art. These differences are the power of the project, because it will prove if the generic roadmap is functional and useful in very different contexts. *methodology to be used in carrying out the project: The approach of the community is supported by a variety of theories, like design thinking, cocreation, communities of practice, working processes of the encounter artist and connectivism. *short description of the results and impact envisaged: A generic European roadmap with special attention for local context of aspects is an important result of this project. This is a graphical map in de form of a poster. Youth workers can use this poster when they organise and guide a youth art community in public space. For the moment, this kind of methodology doesn't exist. The developed poster will visualise of the processes of the communities. That communities refer to three youth art communities that we will organise in Belgium, Bulgaria and Slovenia and one transnational youth art community that connects the communities in the different project countries. During the project we will share the situations in the different communities using different media (text, photo, movie...) *the potential longer term benefits: Art neigboryouth should contribute widely to youth work in Europe. In youth work there is no method to get to work with youngsters and arts in the public space. Within this project we develop a generic European roadmap with special attention for local context of aspects! The roadmap documents the process of this project and will be published in the form of a poster. The roadmap will give youth workers guidance for this kind of projects. The method will be widely distributed and embedded. This embedding will be done at the level of youth organisations and trainings for youth workers. For this, we provide several guarantees. Each partner has a European network. Interim and final results will be disseminated through these networks to youth organisations and training. Also the ECYC guarantees a broad European distribution and embedding. Furthermore, the process will also be registered on the website of the project. Thus, we will provide a blog. The project results are open source and can also be found on that site. The results will also appear on the websites of all partners. In this way, the long-term retrieval is not dependent on one site. There is a great distress for a methodology by the project partners. But we have already been contacted by an Serbian partner, with the question if they can use our project results.



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