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Art in Education - A new approach to education using the arts
Date du début: 1 nov. 2011,

The ARTinED project directly meets the challenge in placing creativity through the arts, as a key component of any school subject. The arts play a fundamental role to support a student’s creative abilities, self-expression and learning. They are a necessary tool and can be thought and used not just as a separate subject but integrated throughout the curriculum.To support a knowledge driven economy and effective entrepreneurship, the nurturing of creativity must be fostered at every stage of education. How to foster creativity and what is its importance in today knowledge-centred, education curricula?Which teaching and learning strategies can make it possible for every student to be successful?School systems that rely on teaching primarily through the spoken and written word simply do not reach all those students who struggle with curriculum and instruction based primarily on verbal proficiency, as they may have other kind of intelligence different from verbal and logic. These may have visual/spatial/bodily/kinaesthetic, musical intelligences. Through the experiential and sensory learning that the arts imply, a complete understanding of a subject is made possible and retained through a long-term memory. ARTinED addresses multiple priorities and key competences within the LLP:• Creativity as a tool of education and work• Innovation in pedagogical approaches• Cultural and artistic awareness and expression• European Collaboration • Learning to learn• Children’s sense of initiative • Quality and European dimension of teacher trainingMain outputs:- a virtual community space for children to share artistic productions - an in-service training course for teachers and curriculum experts to enhance European teachers’ knowledge and confidence in using the arts in their daily teaching and resources from schools across Europe. The methodology will be based on piloting a practical example on environmental education in primary schools across Europe.



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