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Art for Environment!
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Art for Environment" is the type of art which helps us to improuve our relationship with the nature and to educate ourselves about the environment issues.The idea of this project occurred among 10 young people from Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and Italy, participants in the summer of 2015 in a youth exchange within a youth mobility project - Erasmus +.The project aims to promote the concept of "environmental art" creating a connection between youth and nature, building a sustainable relationship between youth and nature.The specific objectives of the project are:- improving the relationship between young people, nature and the environment.- information and interpretation of nature as a whole and education of young people about the problems the environment is facing.- revision of the relationship between youth and nature and propose of new ways of co-existence with nature.- identifying and solving environmental problems, restore ecosystems in an artistic way.- friendships between young people from different European countries.The project activity will be attended by a number of 60 young people, equal number of girls and boys, young people coming from socio-economical disatvanteged communities. The young partivipants to the project have ages between 17 -22 years and are young people with fewer opportunities, facing economical and social difficulties.The methodology used for the project implementation will be based on the use of non-formal education methods and learning through discovery.The results of the project will be:- study regarding the environmental issues from each community participating in the project; identification of solutions to these issues and youth involvement in solving these environmental problems.- forum theatre performance that will promote by artistic expression a friendship relation youth-environment and will encourage the youth involvement in solving environmental problems.- photo exhibition realized by useing photo-voice method, exhibition that will represent the project activity and the implementation way of this activity and youth involvement in this activity.- the project website, which will serve as exchange of good practices in the field of environment protection and use of art as a way of protecting the environment.The project will have long-term impact in terms of reconsidering the position of young people towards the environment and involvement of youth in ecological education activities and environment protection.



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