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Art-Education as a way to rescue dreams and create political conscience amongst youngst people living in the streets of Recife
Date du début: 1 août 2011,

The project's main objective is the formation of adolescents that live on the streets of the metropolitan area of Recife (Northeast Brazil), through an educational process that gives the opportunity for volunteers to interact with the teenager directly in his own universe: the street. The methodology has its theoretical foundation in the "pedagogy of liberation" by Paulo Freire and provides for the division of the pedagogic action in two phases:The first concerns the monitoring of areas of concentration of teenagers living on the streets: the volunteer, together with youth workers' daily presence in these areas, they carry out simple activities (painting, play cards, dominoes ...) to begin an initial dialogue to familiarize with the adolescents.The second phase is called "pedagogic falling in love" and occurs when the teenager begins to get accustomed to the daily presence of the educator and volunteers, here it is possible to propose more systematic activities', drama workshops, drumming, folk Afro- Brazilian dancing, visual arts ... The cultural activities become a priceless tool to where volunteers will serve to enhance the cultural traditions of Pernambuco and to help these teenagers to become aware of their roots. The aim is to contend through education in the street, racial prejudice and any kind of violence that every day hundreds of teenagers try to survive on the streets of Recife.2 volunteers from Italy will be involved for 12 months in the activties which will take place in Recife, Brasil.



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