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Art and creativity
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Art and Creativity EVS coordinating project Activity time: 12 months Coordinating organization: Compass Organization Host organizations:1.Hosting Org.:Csurgó Kuckó Foundation and 2.Csiky Gergely Non-Profit Kft.-Theater Sending organizations:5-German,Spanish,Italian,French,Romanian Topics: 1.Intercultural/tuition among generations and(lifelong)learning 2.Creativity and culture 3.Problems related to the labor market/youth unemployment Participants:3+3volunteers Professional background: The coordinating organization, Compass monitors continuously the processes, researches related with volunteering on a European and international level, the staff members regularly visit hosting places within and outside of the EU. They participate in professional trainings related to YIA and E+ volunteering projects. The coordinating org. has hosted nearly 400 volunteers, and they are working together since several years with the 80% of the sending and hosting partners. The hosting organizations know the aims and priorities of the E+ program, mainly the EVS, they were preparing nearly 2 years to host, where they granted location and professional background for the project. Context/background of the project: You can barely meet with foreigner in these 2 cities, the thinking method is stereotypical, only a few people talk a foreign language and they are not open for new things. The volunteer activity is really small, the young people are barely aware of useful free time possibilities. Adapting to local specificities, reacting to their needs, they wanted to realize the good methods with the hosting organizations on a local level also. Aim at the Foundation and at the Theater: To implement the knowledge gathered so far in the intercultural development of the theater’s staff and their children. After the successful project, we would like to adapt the results into other social featured institutions, organizations work. The integration into other social featured organization of the volunteering, increasing the chance through skills and competence development of different social background target groups and locals for: -social inclusion, -development, -self-realization, -active citizenship, -employment. The aim/impact of the project: Csurgó Kuckó Foundation Primary target group: Children living in Csurgó and it’s surroundings, who’s day nursery and kindergarten attendance is not properly resolved. The local and surrounding kids, their families, locals. 1. Through volunteering, the work of the foundation and the work of the family day care, the competence developing process is enriched with intercultural elements. The motivation and desire to learn foreign languages is already acquired in early childhood. 2. The integration of volunteering into working with different age groups, the subservience of different social background youngster’s carrier and job correction, job orientation, the elimination of lacking skills, competence development, successful transition via competence developing from the school and unemployment to the labor market, raising competitiveness in the labor market, even on EU level. Raising chance for the involved volunteers through skills and competences developing programs 3.To promote the positive change of skills and competences development in-between the target group and volunteers also with creating useful free time activities, skill and competence development and community development 4.To disseminate the chances and opportunities of the E+ program with the primary and secondary target groups. 5.The implementation of a successful project, realizable in other countries also. 6.Building international partnerships, the integration of good practices Kaposvár Theatre Primary target group: Workers at the theatre, visitors and local volunteers of the theatre Secondary target group: relatives of the primary target group, local community 1. Promotion of art work mainly for the residents, involvement of local youth in different cultural and theatrical programs 2. Developing local and EVS volunteers’ work experience, language knowledge and intercultural skills by common work 3. Assistance in the effective and value-creating free time activities of the employees and their children 4. Local and EVS volunteers’ active participation in programs focusing on art education, open-mindedness towards art programs and strengthening motivation 5. Acquainting our target groups with the opportunities given by E+ programs. 6. The successful project can be adapted afterwards to the activities of other countries. 7. International partnership building Main steps of the process of implementation: - creating partnership collaboration with sending and hosting partners - Preparation of colleagues, mentors - Continuous contact with partners, colleagues, mentors (informing them about the volunteers’ activities, common decision-making in selection) - Selection and preparation of the volunteer



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