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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project named "I know and Understand My Friend" is intended to a group including 20 teachers and will be in 2 stages. The subject of the training is the recognition of the characteristics of individuals with autism and learning the new and special approaches or techniques for the education of individuals with autism. Training time is arranged within 2 weeks. The aim of the project is to provide the knowledge for both our teachers and students in order to ensure that all of our employees, students and staff can provide a communicative relationship with students with autism. In recent years, between all education policies implemented in our country, special education techniques have been pointed out. To ensure that the students get along, special teachers are assigned to the classes. In our classrooms which are opened between 2009 and 2010, continue to develop since then. Special training techniques are being applied in these classrooms by special educated teachers. This way, our teachers serve and train our students with autism in a speacial way. Seeing they have some difficulties regarding this within the past 4 years, we decided to carry out this project. The most fundamental reason about these students is the fact that they cannot get adapted to the school's social environment and the main reason of the adaptation problem is the fact that the teachers, students and staff do not have the insufficient knowledge about the behavioral characteristics. Therefore, we figured out that this program would lead us way much better. One of the basic principles of education for people with autism is to educate them without being separated from the physical and social environments as much as possible. Therefore, in this regard, all individuals have a great responsibility at our school. To have an health dialogue with a student with autism will accelerate their cognitive development and will allow them to see life more positively. Participant teachers, as part of our project, within the help of our foreign partners, will be trained in specifications and characteristic of people with autism, visit different institutions which provide special education services and have the opportunity to observe in place. Our participants will improve their skills and will share these with other teachers, students and staff in our school. Therefore, an enterprise wide awareness about autism will be provided and the quality of our school will be increased. Expected impact and results with our project: - To increase the cooperation between departments. - To increase the awareness of our teachers and students. - With the special education techniques, drawing the attention of the families with children who have autism. - To reach the nearest standards of rehabilitation and special education centers in the private sector. - To contribute to the development of special education classes across the country. - To catch up with the European Standards in special education for autism. - To improve the school's institutional capacity and the development of management by writing projects and executing experinces.