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Arctic wind and Southern sun - Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education in Finland and Portugal
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Arctic Wind and Southern Sun - Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education in Finland and Portugal is a bilateral European school project between two general secondary high schools situated in rural areas of Finland and Portugal. The main objective of the project is to promote teaching and learning ecologically sustainable entrepreneurship in the general secondary level schools and exploring the working possibilities for foreign EU citizens in both the countries. The other objectives of the project are to promote the student’s job seeking skills, to promote the student's basic language and ICT skills and to promote intercultural understanding and understanding of sustainable development. 4 teachers 20 students from both the schools are going to participate the project directly. The teachers are specialized in science and languages and they have strong experience in working in and managing projects. The students will be secondary level between the ages 16 and 18. The project will activities include two short-term exchanges of a group of 20 pupils to the both participating schools and active online working using e-mail, video calls such as Skype and cloud-based web applications such as Google Drive Documents and Wikispaces. ICT-based methods will be widely used in carrying out the project and while co-operating over a long distance. Using these web-based communicating and working methods the need of physical traveling is minimized. The other important method is to explore things outside the school and interact face-to-face during the 10-day Learning and teaching activities when visiting the partner schools. The results of the project will include an innovative model on teaching sustainable entrepreneurship, a manual “10 steps to be an entrepreneur”, a small Finnish-Portuguese dictionary and some e-teaching material on the project themes. The participating students will gain better entrepreneurship, job seeking and language skills as a result of the project. The project will have positive economic long term impacts in the local, regional and even larger levels because it promotes entrepreneurship, job seeking and language skills. It also promotes labor mobility within the EU by giving the students better skills needed to work in a foreign country.



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