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Architecture for the Recognition of thrEats to mobile assets using Networks of multiple Affordable sensors (ARENA)
Date du début: 16 mai 2011, Date de fin: 15 mai 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ARENA addresses the design of a flexible surveillance system for detection and recognition of threats towards deployment on mobile critical assets/platforms such as trucks, trains, vessels, and oil rigs. There is a substantial end-user need for intelligent and continuous proactive monitoring to enable situational awareness and determination of potential threats enabling timely and appropriate response. Hijacking, piracy, theft raise major security concerns, as well as problems to the personnel and companies who own or manage the platform or goods.The objective of ARENA is to develop methods for automatic detection and recognition of threats, based on multisensory data analysis. Research objectives include:o To robustly and autonomously detect threats to critical mobile assets in large unpredictable environments.o To reduce number and impact of false alarms towards optimized decision making.o To demonstrate automatic threat detection for the land case (truck).o To demonstrate an integrated, scalable and easy to deploy monitoring system.o To assess automated threat detection for the land case (train) and the maritime case (vessel, oil rig).o To evaluate detection performance and contribute to standards.o To respect and respond to social, legal and ethical issues arising through the design, implementation and deployment.ARENA will investigate different platforms including trucks, trains, vessels, and oil rigs (with the real demonstration focused on trucks). This will allow assessing the level of similarities between different cases and applications.ARENA has a stakeholder group which consists of representatives from the land case and the maritime case. The stakeholder group will play a pivotal role in the user requirements, threat analysis, scenario definition, evaluation and demonstration.



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