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Arbeiten und Lernen in Europa
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

With the education at vocational schools becoming more and more international – whether it be that companies expand abroad or that foreign students and apprentices come to Germany to finish their apprenticeships at a German vocational school – this project was started. The TLS is a „Europaschule“, i.e. it carries out a lot of international projects which are implemented in its curriculum. Furthermore, meeting foreign partners and working together with them is an enrichment to our teaching scheme. These projects enable both teachers and students to gain international experience.and we aim at building an international network of schools and firms to offer exchanges and an insight into international education. Through these international contacts the education at the partner schools and –firms becomes more attractive. What is more, the participants of these projects get to know previously unheard of geographical regions in foreign countries and a foreign way of life, which supports the „European idea“. That is why we want to carry on our project and want to find more partner schools and firms abroad The project can be perfectly organised by us. The Lycée professional in Parentis-en- Borne et the Theodor-Litt-Schule in Gießen are friendly connected and the involved teachers work together as a good team in proven work processes. Furthermore, in 2014 contacts were established to the Lycée Marcel Calo in Redon and the Lycée de Borda in Dax. We want to increase these contacts and deepen them by new projects which are in planning. Our aim is to enable as many students and apprentices as possible to participate in the programme. They should get the opportunity to complete a four-week internship in France. Thus, they can test their own skills, personal responsibility and independence as well as their personnel competences. In addition, they get the chance to expand their social competences and the ability to work as a team. Last but not least the participants improve their language skills and reduce prejudices and barriers. All in all, taking part in our exchange programme means an enhancement of both their private and their professional potential.



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