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Aprendizaje de lenguas y organización Erasmus+
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

LANGUAGE LEARNING AND ORGANIZATION ERASMUS+CONTEXTIES Atenea participates in European projects since 2005. As a dynamic center, each year we try to participate in different innovative projects in different areas. (Exchanges in secondary school in France, Erasmus mobilities, host organisation of students of Tuscany, presentation of professional family cultural services and the community to a group of adults within the Grundtvig program, host organisation of Leonardo students, ...)But we have a strong need to satisfy, that is, to answer the demand for internationalization in the school sector, and we want to cover several areas, to achieve one of the objectives of the language policy of the EU that is every citizen European master two other languages, in addition to their mother tongue.The main idea is that the training received by teachers revert directly to the students and with the intention of someday creating a network to solicit projects of strategic partnership in the field of school education.NUMBER :French Course: 5 participants to France (5 days).Course organization Erasmus +: 1 participant to France (5 days).English Course: 4 participants to Ireland (7 days).PARTICIPANTS PROFILE- 2 teachers of French department.- 4 teachers of English department.- 2 teachers from other departments.- 1 teacher coordinator of the Erasmus + program.- 1 member of the management team.ACTIVITIES1. Creation of the Committee of mobility.2. selection process. All publications will be reflected both in the bulletin board of the center, as in the page created for this purpose: Training socio-linguistics previous beneficiaries.4. Organisation of the practical and logistical aspects, such as travel, accommodation and transport.5. coordination with the head of communications of the partner organizations to sign documents, accommodation, training plan, etc.6. Training of teachers selected in different selected countries.7. Sharing and analysis of the project, coordination, study methodology, curriculum improvement of subjects taught in French, error detection and proposals for correction.8. Evaluation of the results obtained in this project9. Revision of the blog.10. Press release advertising, TV, radio, faculty, school board, AMPA.11. Final report of project.METHODOLOGYTeamwork.EXPECTED RESULTS AND IMPACT.Personal and professional growth of teachers.Improving curricular materials.IES update and dynamism.Improving the quality of education. LONG TERM BENEFITSWe considered the project to give students especially better training to enhance their future employability as necessary these days with so much demand for employment, always considered the best curricula.Development of European education and Spanish society in general. Thanks Erasmus +



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